The first round of "What I got this Christmas"


Fist  : Happy New Year guys! May 2015 be whatever you want it to be!
Now, yes you read it right. This is only the first round. Mostly because I'll still order things and I'm still waiting for other things to be sent out - like my mom's present, which sadly she couldn't sent before Christmas. And after all this madness of spending, I'll probably be on SpendingBan during the rest of 2015 - with the exception of repurchases and the new Semi-Sweet from Too Faced.

Starting off with the most expensive item so far, my Ray Ban Clubmaster Optics Acetate glasses (I think that's the actual official name of this particular design...I didn't pay too much attention when I choose them at the time). I needed a new pair of lenses and my old glasses were...old. So yeah, I really had to get them and although I'm still getting used to them, I really enjoy the design. If you are curious of how they actually look on me, you can check this particular Instagram photo which was taken when I got them. Oh yes, You'll see me with them around the blog for sure.


Next, we had the hair and body madness. I've been neglecting my hair for quite some time and...I can't keep doing it. My hair deserver love and attention. Usually I just wash it, dry it and that's it. But I want to change that for good. There's nothing like a good and healthy hair.

So, firstly I decided to get the The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo which I have to say...isn't the best. it kinda dries my hair too much. It doesn't have any SLS and doesn't foam at all seems too harsh. I'll use it once a week as my clarifying shampoo but...I don't know. I'll used it up for sure but I probably won't repurchase it.

The Bumble&bumble Hair Dresser's Invisible Oil Shampoo was...a quite impulsive purchase. But a reall good purchase. My hair feels so soft after using it. It doesn't contains SLS but it has DSL - 
Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate - which according to this website isn't as bad as SLS. I haven't reached my pharmacy friend and ask her about this but no worries! I'll do it before writing my review on this one but something I can tell you - my hair likes this stuff. I might be crazy and try more products from the brand and from this line.  
The Body Shop's Raspberry Line was on Sale...And since it was something that I really wanted to try when it came out I though "oh well, it's now or never". Thank god I thought like that. The smell is just...gorgeous. And as another confection, I have to admit that I never really went into the game of body scrubs and body butters...after this I might stock them up (specially because everything is 50% off!!! Crazy I know!!). The Body Butter is just lovely. Hydrates my skin without looking greasy or taking too much time to sink in - I have friend who'll probably say "I TOLD YOU SOOO",since she's been telling me this for quite some time - and the Scrub? Pure genius. It does it's job without being too harsh or damaging my skin. The shower gel works like other shower gels...with the benefit that smells way better than the regular ones. I might get the Blue Berries line and the Pink Grape Fruit lines soon as stocking. 

Oh yes, makeup. And yes, there's more to come in this department. Shame on me I know. But, I've been a good girl during 2014 and I've been clearing out my collection - I'm actually going to do another one soon (and just out of curiosity, everything is given to my aunt and cousin. Unless it's something out of date or like a mascara or something).

Because I really needed an actual foundation I decided to finally try the Clinique Even Better...I've used this and I think it's nice. It looks natural and seriously...that's what I'm going for. I don't like really heavy foundations - never did. I rad concealer a bit more than have a really heavy base. I'll be reviewing this one more in depth around February and March because I want to test it while I'm in school.

The will be applied to the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray - which I got in a very impulsive purchase. I current setting spray is dyeing and the bloody-thing has a air-cane system which is horrible for my lungs. I just hate that hing. And I know most people don't like this one too...but I tend to use this first after applying my primer and before applying my foundation and later after applying the foundation and concealer. This has helped me to keep everything in place. But again, I'll only have more clear thoughts around February and March.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in My Two Cents wasn't a planed purchase too but it's okay. I love this formula and this shade is just perfect for everyday wear. Oh yes, I need to get more shades from this particular line. This one in particular is just a no fuzz, no mess shadow. I can apply it, add mascara and leave the house and look amazing, natural and polished. All hail a good cream shadow.

Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation was actually a planed thing. I heard that it's a really good powder foundation and since I'm a total newbie to powder foundations I decided to get it and try it. So far I have to say that I love the Cocoa scent - it's the same from my Chocolate Bronzer - and I really like it. I mean, it's just nice for college or even as a powder that adds coverage. I'll probably pair this one a lot with my Benefit Big Easy and with a future BB cream that I'll get. (I promise that I'll stop getting foundations and least until I finish Big Easy, after that I'll probably get something else),


Lastly but not least, I finally got my "college style" bag from Accessorize. I've been wanting to get this baby for quite some time. It's big enough and yet isn't too big as well. Looks fine weather I'm more into classy or into casual. Perfection, that's the best way to describe this lovely bag.
And for now, that's it. I don't know when I'll post again since I'm now doing big renovations round my room and although I don't have classes I'll still have exams and other things to deal at the University.
Anyway, I hope everything is fine with you guys.
Take care, have a nice day!
With Love,


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