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I think everyone knows how casual and fuzz-free friendly I am. Specially during school time. Although I really do enjoy applying makeup and playing with it, there are days where I like when things can be easier. The perks of using public transportation instead of driving I guess.
Also, I'm not that fond of retouching during the day. Blotting and re-applying lipstick is okay but I like to have my eye makeup on point, which can be difficult when you have oily-lids like me and not every primer works. For example the Urban Decay Primer Potion or the Too Faced Shadow Insurance won't do much on my will always melt after 3 hours. My current primer is okay but, since Lime Crime is having problems I decided I won't support the company and I won't get more products from them. I'll probably try out The Balm's primer next. 

But I believe everyone knows how much I like cream shadows - they are easy to wear and most of the times I only apply them plus mascara and I am good to go. 
Personally, there are only two formulas I like so far - MAC's Paint Pots and Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadows. Last Christmas I decided it would be a nice idea to add another shade into my collection since I like like Birthday Suit. That why I got My Two Cents. 

While Birthday Suit is more of taupe-ish, cool brown with a greyish undertone, My Two Cents is a warm brown, which make is more natural on my lids than Birthday Suit.
The packaging and how I apply it is pretty much the same. I really like to wear this on it's own, with an eyeliner or with a darker matte shade defining the crease. I also believe that it's an amazing base colour to all types of looks.
If you are into cream shadows I really recommend you trying this one. So far Benefit shadows haven't disappointed me in terms of pigmentation, texture and performance.
I'm not really sure if there is any direct dupe to this or not. Bad to the Bronze from Maybelline seems darker ( also, I had a bad experience with their cream shadows).  Although I have to say that Gosh Forever eye shadow stick in 03 Light Cooper is a nice match ( since I will do a review on that, I can always do a dupe comparison later). I also believe that one of the new Bourjois Eye Sticks has a dupe ( not sure, but since I want to get the three lightest shades, I always compare them later again).
I'll probably start writing something like " Dupe Talk" during this month...what do you guys think? Would you like to read that?

So, do you like this shade ? I also would like to know if you guys have more recommendations or so, because I really like and care about them.  You can get this at, Sephora and other official retailers.

Please take care everyone, have a nice day!
With love,

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