22 Years? 22 Random things about myself


So...Apparenly Yeasterday was my birthday! How cool is that. The day was spent with family and two of my closest friends. Quite Nice.
Last year I made a really sentimental post about life and everything. This year I decided to keep things a bit more cool I decided to share 22 random things about myself. So grab some popcorn and enjoy this bit of randomness!

1. I never dated anyone.  Like, no one. And no, I don't live under a rock.
2. I can be quite shy but I can be quite outgoing and social as well. All depends on the people I'm surrounded.
3.I'm super picky with food. Like seriously picky.
4. I've attended two courses of Architecture and I left both of them. They're just not for me.
5. I've studdied Chinese for a year and I really want to study it again.
6. I used to have tons of complexes with my face because of acne. I used to think about myself as someone lesser. Bullying also helped a lot.
7. I've grown a heavy chunk of confidence and sarcasm that nowadays allows me to just tell people to "effing" themselves whenever they try to down me in other for them to feel okay.
8. I hate bullies. Like a lot.
9. I am yet to understand why I liked my first crush.
10.I'm a coockie monster.
11. I used to hate sports class. Nowadays I do workouts at home.
12. I love stuff from Nici.
13. Donghae is my bias from Super Junior and I don't know what I'll do when he gets in the Army.
14. I'm not that ready for school.
15.  Although everyone hates it, I really enjoyed playing Assassin's Creed Unity
16. My imagination can be quite scary. Like, anything can trigger another idea in my head.
17. I love chocolate.
18. I don't really have a favourite song, mostly because my taste changes with time. But some musics stay strong in my heart.
19. I don't really spend too much time studdying at home. I'm usually sure that I pay attention in class and that helps me more than anything.
20. I still regret trying to get into architecture. It was just a waste of time.
21. I'm a sucker for Italian food, specially Pasta.
22. I've thought about leaving the blog more than once during the past year. I'm glad I didn't

So, here are my random facts. I probably could do something better.
No worries, I'm working on a few reviews and on an upcoming special post. Stay Tuned and take care!

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