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Let me start this by post by thanking everyone for entering my giveway and for all the support. Since school starts today, I've been working on preparing more posts in order to not leave the blog without posts. I finally found my muse so I shall take advantage of it right?
As for today's post, I believe everyone around here knows how much I love Etude House as a brand. I mean, they are affordable, the quality is good and the packaging is probably the cutest thing I ever had the chance to encounter. So when their Dreaming Swan collection was launch I obviously fell in love and decided to snatch a few items to try out. And yes, I'm totally keeping the boxes...How couldn't I? I'll probably try to find a way of using them as decor pieces.

But before I start to talk about the products, let me talk you a bit the Dreaming Swan collection. The collection was developed by Etude House and Kerrie Hess - who happens to do various illustrations to fashion magazines and other brands. And let's say that both match perfectly.
The collection had various items - cushion cases, face powder, blushes, highlighters, a brush and of course lipsticks. From all the items I got myself 4 items t try.

Starting with the face products, I got myself one of their cushion cases - not only because it's gorgeous but because I really wanted to try a BB cushion for the longest time. The case is made of sturdy plastic and contrary to what I though initially, the design is printed directly on the case instead of being a sticker. That made me quite happy since I was scared that if it was in fact a sticker, it would come off with time.
I also got myself their Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact which is their version of something like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder - it makes my skin look amazing with my makeup and it's one of my go-to products o whenever I have special events. Although I would be extra careful with the product since it's a bit fragile and might break quite easily. Besides that I really like - it provides a gorgous glow to skin while keeping the oiliness away.

From this collection I also got myself one of their lipsticks in PK023 , which is a very neon Pinky Coral. The shade and the packaging are gorgeous but sadly, I'm quite sad with the product itself. Usually Etude House lipsticks are quite moisturising and really easy to wear and apply. With this one I need to have my lips fully moisturised, without any dry patch and I need to apply a lip liner all over my lips other wise it will sink into the fine lines of my lips and look really bad. It's also a bit drying on my lips. But keep in mind that I only got this shade so I don't know if it's something just related to this shade or if it's something constant to all the range. 
Lately but not least at all, I also got a Shine Volumer, which the same as a highlighter. This little guy can be used in the inner corners - which is what I do most of the times and I like it in that way - or as a typical highlighter. It can also be used as eyeliner. The only thing I don't like is the applicator since I can't apply it on my cheeks or on my eyes since it's too big for that. I got myself shade 3 Glowing Tutu. 

Overall, I'm really happy with all of the products. You can still snatch them at and online stores like and 

I hope you guys liked this post and let me ask you, have seen their latest collection? I really like some of their lip shades but I'll probably pass it. But their nail polishes look really nice. Thank you very much for reading and take care! 

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