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I'll be honest. I've been quite cucu-crazy in terms of liquid lipsticks. Like, I could probably do a whole post discussing liquid lipsticks, their types shades what the best and the worst. Wait, I probably should do that in the future.
I remember when the liquid-lipstick craze started, these were the one of the first affordable options to apear. I really appreciated it, since Sephora is quite affordable here and they often do promotions and discounts on their own brand. That's how I actually got most of these colours : with promotions or coupon discounts. But, can I be blamed? We all look forward to spend less money whenever we can.
Money issues aside, I can say that I really like these. I've been obsessed with matte lips during this entire season and these are true beauties. They are really opaque and really easy to apply and they don't turn into those really uncomfortable lipsticks that you can't use for too long because they just hurt your lips. You just need to be careful - your lips need to be moisturised and exfoliated, other wise those dry patches will be shown ( and that's not really pretty).

( from left to right : 02 Classic Beige ; 13 Marvelous Mauve ; 09 Forever Fuchsia ; 03 Strawberry Kissed ; 01 Always Red )

I wasn't able to wait for these to dry out completely and I apologise for that. Either way, it is possible to see the power and pigmentation of these lipsticks.
Classic Beige is a really gorgeous matte Brown, which kinda reminds me of really polished and posh looks with pink shades and cranberry shades. I don't know, there's just something classy about it. I used to be super afraid of using it since it looked too much - yes, I thought this guy was too much. Me, the girl who uses bright pinks and everything all the time. Eventually I understood that it was quite okay to were this on a daily basics. All I needed to do was to pair it with the right outfit and make up and everything would set into place.
Marvelous Mauve is a probably my favourite shade from all of these. I don't know, I like how it's a nude shade with a touch of pink in it, plus a little hint of lilac as well. When I don't know what to wear, I often end up using this one for college days whenever I want something soft and polished and yet with a edgy feel. And to think I almost didn't get this one!
Forever Fuchsia is probably the brightest shade from the group and it screams Spring like no other. I also almost didn't got it at the time, but...I kinda changed my taste and now that I find myself using more bright shades everyday. I'll be using it during the Spring and Summer for sure. This is probably the only shade that it isn't completely matte - it does have a hint of sparkles but nothing major.

Strawberry Kissed is a lovely Candy-Apple Red that reminds me of Snow White that looks lovely with any type of look, specially if you pretend a more polished look but you don't want a true red. 
Always Red is a true red that reminds me of classic ladies and Red Riding Hood's story ( it would be a lovely option of a Halloween look for example). With this bad boy I would probably only do a simple eye look, add eyeliner and let all the attention go to it. 

Seriously, if you can be sure to give these guys a try. You won't regret it - specially if you like in the USA where the shade range is bigger than the one we have in Europe. 

Thank you for reading, take care! 

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