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Korean brands are known for providing their costumers a really huge quantity of samples that would put any western brand in a corner sobbing of shame. Last year I got a sample of this mask and I feel in love while using that sample. Because of that, I felt compelled to get a full-size when the clay mask I owned finished.
I really like to do a clay mask once in a while. Although I've switched to more caring products, I do like the sensation of a deep cleansing that it is not over stripping. It always helps to de-clog my pores and to take care of any small spot or scar that I might be dealing at the moment - because you know, stress and hormones don't like to help. But, most clay masks are quite dry and can become uncomfortable to have on the skin, which is why know I'm quite careful with the masks I use.

This mas has a creamy texture that it's not common to clay masks - which usually have a more dryer texture to begin with - which makes it super comfortable to have on the face. And when it finally dries it's this layer of cream yet powdery texture that it's easily removed with water. 
After using this I noticed that my pores started to look less unclogged and my skin felt more clean and soft. The only thing is that the more sensitive skins might not like this mask contains fragrance and the Eucalyptus can break out on some people since it's not the most "skin-friendly" ingredient and it can cause more harm than good. 

Again, I only got the full-size of this because I was able to try out a sample, otherwise I wouldn't get a full-size. It is not the fist time I try one of the samples I get and I realise that said product isn't a good option for my skin - like Lioele's CC cream or Etude House's Brightening Essence - so if you are curious about this but afraid that might break you out, try to get a sample first.
Also, I really like packaging. Not only is cute and fun to watch but the material of the tube is quite "flexible" which makes super easy to remove products and no need to cut the tube in the end to remove the rest of it. Extra points to Etude House for thinking about it!

Personally I got this from and I paid around 12,5$ but you can also find this at or any other store. This tube had 150 ml and I still have mask for the rest of the summer. I'll probably try out the Brightening version and the Spot Treatment version as well. 

Have you tried this mask? Do you have any recommendation? 
Thank you for reading, take care and have a nice day! 

With Love, 

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