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Ever since I got into make up I have been a palette type of girl. Mostly because I like the convenience of having a good selection of shades at easy reach without any fuzz. But with time, it happens that some times brands launch really amazing shades not inside palettes, but as single eyeshadows. Depending on the package this can become a bit of an issue - way too many eyeshadows flying around, things get messy, accidents happen.
Because of this solutions started to happen - why not create a magnetic palette that can carry eyeshadow pan and give the opportunity of building our own eyeshadow? And this is how Z-Palette and many other brands started to appear. Than MAC also provided their "build-your-own-palette" system and so many more brands. It's pretty much a staple to many brands - if they happen to launch a single eyeshadow collection, they need to launch the option of building a palette. Even Urban Decay has it - although their system is a bit different and something that I sadly tend to forget.
But even with my love for palettes, I found myself getting a few single eyeshadows. The question starts here, should I or should I not depot all of them, just like I did with my H&M eyeshadows and my Benefit Blush/Bronzer and Eyeshadow?

I own a Wild Peach Cosmetics, given in my first Swap with the Lovely Shayne from Queen of All You See , which to this day is still one of my favourite items in my collection. I wanted to get a palette for my eyeshadows and to depot my Benefit kits but I never fell in love with Z-Palettes. I am not a Make Up Artist so I don't have the need of seeing what's inside of the palette and I always felt like their acrylic wasn't that nice - actually I had the chance of testing one while I was at Tania's house the other day and they aren't that bad at all. Still, not my stile. I was thinking about getting a Unii Palette or a Book of Shadows Palette ( this one used to be quite popular back in the day). But I am actually happier with this one because it has the Mirror. I know I usually say that I don't care for mirrors but I do use the one in this palette a lot during travels and so.  It also gives a more polished and refined look to the palette.
So far I have here two H&M Beauty Department eyeshadows in Ginger Snap and  Russet Rose ( which I depoted last year after getting them), Benefit Hoola Bronzer from a Holiday set they had a few years ago, Benefit Coralista from another set and their Creaseless Eyeshadow in Thank A Latte . I took this palette with me during my small holiday week and I have been using it ever since. I currently considering if I should get another one or not, depending on what I'll depot or not in the future.
As for single eyeshadows I own six at the moment - although I am planing on getting more. I'm still not sure if I'll get more eyeshadows in pan form or still with the cap. I could easily depot all of the ones you see here, specially the MAC ones. My only issue is that two of them are more like pressed glitter than anything else, which makes me scared that I might damage the rest of the eyeshadows whenever I am using them. There also the issue of how much I love the matte brown shade from Etude House - it seems boring but it's my favourite transitioning shade. It has the right tone to my lids.
MAC Cranberry
Was the very first MAC and single eyeshadow I got. I went for it because of it's shade - it isn't a purple, it isn't totally's something in between that looks amazing during the fall and winter time. I love to use it all over the eye lid and smoke it out with a really rich and dark brown. It's my favourite Fall look.
MAC All That Glitters
I seriously should wear this shade more often, it's just perfect for everyday wear! I love to wear it all over the eye lid along side liquid eyeliner. It looks super classic and polished.
Innisfree Mineral Eyeshadow in Number 8
I imagine this has another name, but as you can imagine I can't read Korean...I got this eyeshadow last year and it was part of their Fall/winter collection at the time. It's a more Red version of the Cranberry. It looked Matte when I ordered it but It isn't. I really like it during the cold time, specially pairing it with browns and dark blues.
Innisfree Mineral Eyeshadow in Number 7
This is one of the Glitter Eyeshadows that I own. It is a gorgeous red glitter that I love to wear during the winter time - specially during the Christmas Holidays. I tend to wet my brushes with Make Up Fixer and then apply it into my eye lids.
Etude House Look At My Eyes Jewel 0R202
This is also a glitter eyeshadow. It has more orange when compared to Innisfree's shadow and isn't as compacted, although when applied it doesn't have any major fallout. And when used with a wet brush it gets super beautiful on the eyelids. Some people might think it is too much, but once in a while it is okay.
Etude House  Look at My Eyes Cafe BR401 Cafe Latte
It is by far my favourite eyeshadow as mentioned before. I love to use it as a transitioning shade and it's an eyeshadow that I always pop whenever I am travelling somewhere. Because of this, I don't really know if I should or not depot it. I can easily place it on the palette but what if I want to just take that eyeshadow and not the whole palette?

I'm not really sure if I'll depot some of these or not in the future, but I really like the idea of creating a palette with the eyeshadows hand picked.
And you? What would you do? Thank you very much for reading and take care!

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