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 Soap and Glory has been a British brand that always sparked my interest. Their packaging and marketing are unique and they are really raved around the British Blogging Community. So when I had the opportunity I asked my mum if she could get me something from the brand.
It was during a period where my obsession was blush and anything that would be similar to a baked blush. These aren't baked at all, but I believe that the way they apply to the skin is quite similar. In addition, I also liked how multi-tasking they looked. Depending on how I swirled my brush or how I picked the product, I could use these as a blush or as a highlighter (specially that beautiful gold!)
Also, I really like the packaging! It's sturdy, it has a good sized mirror. No complains. 

(from lett to right : Love at first Blush ; Peach Party)

Love at First Blush
When I choose this one I was kinda torn between this one and the really bronzed one. But I am happy that I went for this one because I really like the cool tone of it. It's perfect for any occasion. It suits both Spring and Winter without any fuzz or problems. The white gives an extra bling to the mix in my opinion. The only downside of this one is that if you swirl it on a regular basics, the white won't be as white. (duh Diana. duh)
Peach Party

Now this one is my favourite. I have a small crush for peach blushes (like melon pop from clinique, Coralista from Benefit...there's a certain pattern) and this one is just gorgeous. It leaves a very "you are indeed healthy" look to you cheeks without looking too much. And that cooper and gold shades are just perfection. 

Overall I really love these two and I cannot recommend them enough. As for the brand itself, I own another two products from the brand and I am hopping to expand my small collection soon. (Have you seen their new lipsticks? specially the nudes?? and their bath care!!!!)

Take care everyone! 

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