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Highlighter is nowadays a staple for a lot of people, specially people who work in the beauty community, name it! Although I had a few highlighters in my collection, I never paid too much attention to them and to the art of highlight. Until now. 
On a trip to Sephora, I found out that they were  carrying this Becca kit . Which is funny considering that it is the only product that Sephora carries from Becca. (yes I am wondering about it as well. Maybe they will start to carry more products? who knows!)

(from left to right : Shimmering skin perfector pressed in Opal ; Shimmering Skin perfector spotlight in Opal)

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal

My main interest was this gorgeous powder highlighter! I've heard so many raves regarding this one (and many other's). Opal is a gorgeous champagne highlighter with a lovely hint of gold that looks amazing. I wore it on my birthday dinner and it stayed in place during the whole time. 
This pan is smaller than a full-size highlighter but I believe I won't be needing to get a replacement any time soon.  Totally approved. 

Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight in Opal
I was quite unsure about this one since I already own a small version of high beam from Benefit but thankfully they aren't the same at all. Opal has a peachy undertone and has a liquid texture while high beam is more of a cream. I also prefer the packaging of this one since the doe-foot applicator allows me a better application than the brush from Benefit's.  It is amazing on it's one of paired with it's powder counterpart. I'm quite interested in trying out other shades of this one. 

Would I recommend this?

Yes for sure. Specially if you are either new to the highlighter game or if you want to try out something new from the brand. This is a small, travel-friendly kit but also allows you to have the full experience of the products.  I actually wish Sephora here had more of these kits. I'm seriously thinking about getting one with the Beauty Blender next.

I hope you enjoyed this small and fast review! Take care everyone! 

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