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 AHA and BHA Toner are more available than ever. More and more brands started to launch their own - even really affordable ones like The Ordinary. But today I am planning to talk with you about the one that spiked my curiosity and my latest skin care obsession. Meet Pixi Glow Tonic, my new go to toner.
I got to hear about this bad boy trough Caroline Hirons and the British Squad of bloggers that I follow (Like Lilly Pebbles and Anna from The Anna Edit). It was (for what I know) one of the first Acid Toners.  These toners replace scrubs, since they are more gentle and their ingredient penetrate to deeper levels or our skin, treating the problem from the inside.  At first I was afraid....Now I am converted.  Chemical Exfoliation has helped me with acne scars, keeping breakouts at bay and even helps with my clogged pores. It is a life Savior. 

And Now you are probably wondering, what makes this toner special? (other than being one of the first of its kind).
First, I really love the scent. It's not too strong, it's not the typical "oh my god this is full of perfume" but isn't the typical chemical scent that makes us produce a not so amused face every time we open the bottle. Secondly, this isn't too harsh or anything like that. It doesn't sting or burn my face. It feels nice.
Furthermore, I believe that this toner prepares my skin for what comes next, which usually is a serum. The Serum is able to sink better into my skin and perform like it should. The applies to the moisturiser of choice.
What might be not so pleasant for some is the price (although I have to say that it's not that expensive when compared to other brands) and the fact that it might be hard to ship depending on where you live. Thankfully I have CultBeauty and Lookfantast on my side.
And lastly, but not least, you need to be a little careful. This type of toner isn't the best choice for the morning time - because the glycolic acid might leave your skin extra sensitive to sun exposure - and you shouldn't pair this with a Vitamin C serum because it doesn't mix well with the Glycolic Acid.

Other than that, this is a beautiful product. I'll repurchase it for sure and I am really curious with other products from the brand (like the mud cleanser and their clay mask)
I hope you enjoyed this post and take care!

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