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Today's post is a really special one. A few months ago I was contacted by a South Korean brand asking me if I was interested in trying out two of their products. The deal was that I could review them and give my honest opinion. And here I am.

I know that usually people don't disclaim this type of thing right away when writing a blog post. But I could not write a post without giving the full information. 
So, What is UNIK?
UNIK is a a fairly new brand from South Korea. I haven't heard or read many reviews about them but their products seemed to be good and without any bad ingredients (like alcohol, SLS,Mineral oil...). They recently changed their brand name to iUNIK, apparently (according to their website) i stands to Ideal, U to Unik, N to Natural, I to Ingredients and k to knowho (which is the only one that I couldn't understand the concept).  
They own a large variety of serums and a few essences and toners, mostly targeted to give moisture and help with breakouts and other skin issues. 

Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum | 14,99$
You are probably wondering what "Propolis" means or is. It is something that we find in a few trees and beehives. And contains Vitamin C.So yes, this is a Vitamin C serum like the OST Vitamin C Serum and behaves like so. I have to say that I was quite scared of this product since my last encounter with a Vitamin C Serum wasn't a good one...but thankfully there was nothing to fear. This bad boy behaved just my like my adorable OST Serum, without any fuzz, breakouts, or irritations. My skin would always look brighter and my spots would vanish. 
Although, if you happen to be using a toner with glycolic acid like I am, I do not advise you to use both at the same time. Or in the morning time since vitamin C makes you skin more sensitive to sun exposure. I usually use this paired with a more simple toner (and after a deep cleansing mask). If you are looking for a Vitamin C serum, I strongly advise you to give this one a shot. 

Rose Glactomyces Synergy Serum | 14,99$

I was really curious about this one! I've been using a galactomyces essence for a while and I really it as part of my skin care, since it takes care of spots and other marks. It also helps unclogging my pores. 
I really liked how my skin looks the morning after applying this serum (always after toner and before moisturiser), since it looks more hydrated and plumped. With time, I could also see improvement regarding my pores, since they appeared more unclogged. 

Overall, I really love this serums and I am super grateful for this opportunity! You can find these products at Unique4u

Now, on a different note, I know I should be posting more but I've been working hard on my master's degree. Nonetheless, I'll be working on future posts, since I've been missing this little corner. 
Take care! 

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