Sophx Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette

Welcoming the High Blink World 

I have been following Sophie for quite some time on YouTube. I really like how she talks about really affordable brands and does really amazing videos - I really like her make up tutorials! She is a total sweetheart and I was (am) super happy for seeing her getting an opportunity like this. She also has an eyeshadow palette (review also coming this month!) that is totally my ally!
But you might be asking: why did you get this? Well, it is  a really funny story. I am not a huge fan of big face palettes and at first I was curious but decided to take a pass on it. Eventually, after watching Sophie work with the palette and watching other YouTubers I fell in love with it and decided to give it a chance. I asked my mum if she could get it for me in the UK (because she has better access to Superdrug than me) and this beauty landed at my house a few days before Christmas eve! 

The Palette itself has everything I could dream of. The packaging is really clean and fuzz-free. I really like how they chose a light-yellow, beige like shade for the packaging and how the clear acrylic has SophX with a rose gold duo-chrome effect. It contains 8 different shades of highlighter.
I really love how this palette has it all. First of all, it has both light and dark shades of highlight. Secondly there more natural and more "outside the box" kind of shades - I am looking at you lavender.
No matter if I want something for everyday or for a special event, this palette will have it. Alongside that, It is really good to see a good quality palette for a good affordable price. I am quite curious about their new concealer - that it is breaking the internet - and their new stick foundation. There of course other products that caught my eye - like their lip kits.
If you are someone who, like me in the past, did not use highlighter but want to get into the train : get this. Another option would be their contour and highlighter duo (which resembles a very popular high end brand) that will provide you a good base.

You can get this palette at Superdrug (in store and online), Tam Beauty (Makeup Revolutions official website) and through MaquiBeauty (also known as Maquillalia)
I hope you enjoyed this post. Take care!

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