February Favourites


Between Cold and a roller-coaster. 

February was a month of intense emotions. First off, it was SUPER COLD. I know that we are in the middle of Winter and all, but I never expected to be this cold. Specially because my allergies were not that pleased about it. And to help I spend the first week of the month dealing with the fact that even though I had no more academic work to deliver I wasn't complete free due to my work at my Faculty's library. Yet I tried to relax as much I could and I did something that I putting off for a while : to work on this lovely space again! February was the month were I took my hands into the matter. Not only by taking proper shots but by also finally organising the content I wanted to provide in advance! 
My planning skills were also put in place in order to schedule everything in place : photos, edition, writing content and making sure that nothing was overlapping. I also organised myself by reading my school materials in advance (at least those I could) so that I wouldn't be behind it. (It was one of the things that stressed me the most during this first semester and I did not wanted that to happen again)

The cold weather brought something not very kind to my eyes : a cold allergy that my eyes dry, hurt and swollen. It was quite hard to manage - I was afraid of getting something worse - but eventually something kept helping.  That was of course my La Roche Posay Toleriane ultra eye cream, although a regular in my routine, just by using it three to four times a day I was able to repair my under and upper eye area. So for that, I had to feature it in this month's post!
Yet, even with an eye allergy, I was able to rock a good matte lipstick during the month. The one that stood out this month was the Sephora Lip Stain in 23. I mentioned it before this happens to be one of my favourite matte liquid lipsticks. It is comfortable, holds beautifully and has a gorgeous shade. 

But the cold also took a tool on my hands. I have the terrible habit of not using hand cream -  I find that some times it takes too long to dry -  but this month I could not skip it. Yet in the middle of that I was able to find a new favourite. This past Christmas my best-friend gifted me something I had in my wishlist for the longest time alongside a nail care kit that contained the The Body Shop Almond Hand cream. I really like the simple scent of this hand cream and how easy it is to work it on my hands. It doesn't take too much to sink in and has the plus of also taking care of nails! 
And speaking of nails, I have two nail favourites to share this month. The first is Essie After Sex Nail Polish (I don't invent the names of the nail polishes okay...), which is a metallic red shade that I love of this time of the year! (and not, it's not because of Valentines day!) And the second is Essie Lady Godiva Nail Polish, which a dark brown glossy nail polish that screams winter to me. I love to wear them alone or pairing them together .(Lady Godiva as a base and After Sex on top)
I am hoping that March brings good energies and happy experiences. I'll try to be working as hard as I can on the blog. I am thinking about doing some spring-related posts and one or two surprises! Let's what  March can bring us! (besides a very much needed Spring Break!)

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