How to fall in love with Blogging Again


How to fall in love with your own Online Space again

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. While I love to have my little corner, not too often I am able to post as much as I would love to. Not only because of my work schedule, but also because sometimes I feel like "oh....why am I doing this?" But there are time where I can finally get out of this funk. As 2018 began I decided that I would try my best to keep my blog flowing. 
Although this is still my mood, due to a few personal issues I had to take a small break between March and April. But here I am again! With a few ideas and projects to share around here. With that in mind, I decided to share what made me fall in love with blogging again. But please bare in mind that I am no professional blogger and that I do this for fun. 

Change your Blog
This might sound silly, but have you thought about changing your blog layout? Maybe a revamp? Sometimes a simple change helps you to fall in love with your blog and Sparks the creative core in you! I recently changed my own layout into something that was looking clean as well but that had a different vibe. 

Remember, your blog is like an extension of yourself or an extension of your room/house. It should reflect how you feel and/or what you want. Not too often I would find myself without motivation because the content I was publishing would not be fitting the layout of my blog. There are many websites that provide free templates and if you feel like purchasing one, etsy has many affordable and really chic options! (I am looking forward to buy one this year)

Search for blog inspiration
Not very often we find ourselves lost in our own content without knowing what to do and/or write next. I always had a very review oriented blog - that's what I like to do, to share my opinion in this or that product - and there's nothing wrong with that.  But not too often I would find that I wanted to write but I did not know about what. I there was nothing in particular to review, I would end up not writing nothing...until I started to look forward what other bloggers were publishing and finding ideas. Bloglovin's top posts is a pure mine. 
I am not saying that should copy what others do! But not too often, but seeing someone's post about their daily makeup routine you might think "well...I would write a post about what I wear at school or in a special occasion" and that brings new content and inspiration. There are also bloggers who often help other fellow bloggers with posts like "50 post ideas for spring", where you can get a basic idea and give your own twist to it. 
Events, pinterest and tumblr might also be a good source of inspiration. A particular photo might spark a concept or an idea. Even your favourite book or tv series. The possibilities are endless. 

Take a shoot at photography 
Photography might not be everything, but it is a great core part of your blog, specially if you are into beauty blogging. For some there is the unspoken rule of taking photographs of untouched products before testing and blogging about them - I like that rule in some cases to be honest - but it isn't mandatory. It's like when people love white layouts versus completely full flat lays with flowers, wood, marble, pieces of jewellery, other makeup products. And it's all completely fine!
My advice is to work on your photos. Sometimes less is more : more quality and less quantity. If you feel lost in the world of DSLR's, Hybrids and cellphones I advise you to start with what makes you more comfortable and research for apps and tutorials. Also work with the time that you have and with natural lighting. Most of the times I take on a specific morning and I take an hour to take as many good photos I can. It's better to have 10 good photos than 100 dark and unfocused. 

Talk about what you want 
This one might sound stupid, but I have a point I promise. You see, I started this blog just for beauty. But I like to occasionally talk other stuff than beauty - Books, places...maybe food in the future? - and I used to feel pressured to keep it low on that. Until I decided "you know what? I'll talk about what I love". I have to say that not too often I find myself thinking  about writing about Comic books and waffles (amazing combination) and there's nothing wrong! So if you feel that you need to do write once in a while about something other than what you believe it's your "blog category", just do it! I mean it!
It will be good for you and even for your readers. Who knows, you might found to have more in common to them than what it seemed at first. It is always a good opportunity to branch out and to fall in love with your own online space again. 

To sum up, what really matters is that you love doing what you do! Don't look for crazy amount of quantity but for quality. I know really successful bloggers that only post when they feel like to - even if it's 4 or 5 times a month - and because they tend to look into and work on their content, their work is rewarded. Also, numbers aren't everything. They might be important, but you are way more than that!

And you, how do you fall in love with your blog again?

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