My four Ultimate base staples for different seasons


Base products are as much of a staple as lipstick. Personally, depending on the season and the weather my base makeup will change. During the summer time I tend to go for more powder-based and matte foundations, while I really love hydrating ones for the winter time. Today I'll be sharing my ultimate four base staples. 
Although I feel like I should give the heads up that although these are the current ultimate four, this list might change in the Future since Fenty is about to be released at Sephora here and I am seriously contemplating getting their foundation alongside The Ordinary's foundations as well. Brace yourselves! More foundation reviews are coming! 

The one for Winter 

In the winter time I tend to love more hydrating foundations since the cold tends to be unfriendly, even for someone who tends to have really oily T-zone. Ultra-matte foundations don't feel good on me, since the sensation of tightness alongside the cold makes it somehow unbearable to use a matte foundation. My old Favourite for this season used to be Clinique's Even Better foundation ( still a very good foundation, don get me wrong!), but nowadays my choice is Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation , since it is super easy to apply and buff (perfect for busy mornings). I am thinking about getting a darker shade to work as my fast contour as well. Also the coverage this foundation has is amazing, making her also perfect for special events. 

The Summer trust Companion 

During the Summer my choice is completely different. I tend to go for more light bases because I cannot see myself using heavy bases on my face - specially if they will eventually melt off. So my favourite foundation for this season - as I mentioned before - is the Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation, since it is so easily to use and hold beautifully during the summer. I recently hit pan on this one and it made me feel sad because I really don't want to part ways with it. (I'll for sure get a backup soon)

The Ones that work all year around 

Lastly, there are products that I just can't get enough no matter the season. A classic case of that is the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot powder, since it is now a staple in my makeup collection. It is a really thin powder that works both in the Winter and Summer time.  I can't see myself letting go of this product any time soon. The other product I've been loving and I know I will for sure love in the Winter is the Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer, since it's super easy to blend and buff and doesn't get into my fine lines or feel super dry and patchy. 

Do you also have different favourites depending on the season? 


  1. Ohh love the idea of a stick foundation! I really like changing up my lipsticks for fall with darker shades than my original super bright ones.

    1. Ohh I do that too! I am thinking about doing posts about Autumn makeup in the future!
      Wishing you all the best! Take care!

  2. Your pictures are so gorgeous Hun and I love so many of these products! The Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer is sooooo thick and literally covers EVERYTHING! x

    Grace Louise ||

    1. Oh THANK YOOU! I really try my best to have the best photos I can get!
      Yees!! But I still don't find him as heavy and dry as NARS creamy concealer!

      Thank you for your lovely comment! Take care*

  3. Eu ultimamente nem tenho usado maquilhagem, mas sinto que tenho que investir numa base nova. A da Charlotte Tilbury é incrível, principalmente em ambientes muito frios (mais frios que em Portugal. Agora no Verão tenho usado o corrector Pro Longwear da MAC ou um pó com SPF da L'Oréal.


    1. Ando imensamente curiosa com a maquilhagem da CT! (mas não era capaz de me aventurar a comprar online) e ultimamente tenho andado a namorar esse corrector da MAC também!

  4. Replies
    1. They have really cute products!! I really like how they have multiple tines!
      Wishing you all the best!


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