Catching up on Life #1


Yes, I know...things got a bit out of hand.

I was meant to have at least 3 posts online by now but life caught up and....that did not happen. My second semester started early because my faculty is trying out this new calendar thing's a mess. Needless to say, that changed my plans from night to day. I already have a tone of workload to fulfil plus my regular research as I am writing my dissertation. 
If that was not enough, I had a few "bad days" by the end of January because of tough calls I had to make regarding my life at the end of 2018. That kinda placed me in a mood where writing about hair masks and face serums wasn't something I was going to do. Luckily, I can say that it is finally behind me and I plan to work things out. 

On the bright side, I've spend a lot of my time reading books. I mean, I do read but I've been reading more consistently since the year started. The highlights are Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, which depicts the really cute story of Simon Snow (who appears as a fictional character in Rowell's Fangirl and I am yet to read...Yes I tend to do things my way ) and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I am currently reading the second book, A Court of Mist and Fury and....OH MY GOD!  I wasn't expecting to be so hooked into this characters like I am right now! I am glad that I waited to get the three volumes at once, but I can already imagine myself sweating over the other volumes she is about to release (another 3 if I am not mistaken, and I still to need to get the novella she already released). Needless to say, reading has been my escape from what might torment my mind.

As for music...I've been mostly into KPOP as always. Although Bring me to Horizon  released their new album AMO and sadly...the only two songs I liked are their singles Mantra and Medicine. As for KPOP, I've been loving CLC's No - which is the bomb! - and Cherry Bullet's Q&A (on the cute side). 
As for Tv Shows, I've been watching a few Netflix show's at the beginning of the year. Marie Kondo's show was for sure the most inspirational, since I am to this day trying to figure out a better way of getting myself organised and having my room sparking joy (which is very much needed, since I spend a lot of time working here...) I guess there will be another IKEA trip coming soon! (my dad is going to kill me)
I've also been writing on my bullet journal and I am thinking about getting another one, but for other type of writing. I've been keeping my planning simple and I am yet to write a post about it, mostly because I am still working my style out and trying to figure out what works or not for me. (but It's something I really want to share for sure). 

As for future posts...there's at least one coming out soon.  And if you've read this ramble until the end, thank you very much! 


  1. Taking a break is exactly what you needed to do and now it seems as though you are ready and raring to go this year! Good luck with the dissertation too xx


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