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My Birthday Wishlist for 2017

Some of you already know that September is my birthday month and that's usually a good excuse to get a few items that I wouldn't during the rest of the year. This year my wishlist is quite smaller than in other years. Besides what I'll be mentioning the only things I would love to get are books and maybe a pair of Adidas Superstar in Grey (they are gorgeeeeous!!!!!) 

Glowrious Duo | Soap and Glory

 Soap and Glory has been a British brand that always sparked my interest. Their packaging and marketing are unique and they are really raved around the British Blogging Community. So when I had the opportunity I asked my mum if she could get me something from the brand.

New acquisitions

Guess who is finally trying to get some blog work done? I am currently on vacation but I thought this would be the perfect timing to work around a few posts. With that in mind, I'll be sharing a few things I've got during the last couple of months. A few of these ( specially what concerns skin care) are replacements of things that had previously run out or thought it was time to switch. I also had to grab sun protection since the summer time kicked with full force (and still I wasn't able of saving myself from getting a sunburn on my shoulders....)
As for the make up, the only really expandable thing here are the lip stains (aka matte liquid lipsticks) because I was really in need of the rest. Except the highlighters but those were a gift to myself for surviving my degree without getting insane. (hurray!) 

First Impressions | Skin Care

Hello! Hello! Here I am to share a few new items I got into my skin care routine. I decided it was time to shake things up a big  and some changes into my routine. (And I am not finished yet). I decided I need another toner for my morning time ( a simpler one, without acids or anything like that) and a new eye cream since I had an eye allergy at the beginning of the year - it wasn't pretty at all. I also wanted to try out The Ordinary since they seem like a really good brand with really amazing products at a really amazing price!

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence | Review

What is it for, you might ask? It is another step between toner and serum. Usually provides extra vitamins to the skin and prepared it for the serum and moisturiser. Many essences contain ingredients that help with acne problems, break outs, refining the skin texture or even clogged pores.
The first essence getting attention in the beauty-world was the SK-II Essence, with Galactomyces - which is pretty much fermented wheat - that helps with most of the problems I've mentioned before. The down-side with this product is it's price - 165$ for a bottle with 150ml.
But like most beauty products, it didn't take long until brands started to release dupes and their own version of a essence. The most notorious one was obviously Missha's The First Treatment Essence, which actually contained better ingredients than the SK-II version.Personally, Missha's version was still a little on the expensive side of my pocket, especially considering I was really on defence regarding if I should or not get this type of product. After some research, I found out about Secret Key's version.
 I think I could say that the Secret Key Essence is somehow the dupe of the dupe, since to me it looks more similar to Missha's version than to SK-II version ( if you check the ingredient list you'll see how the formulas differ between each other).
This bottle of 155 ml of product cost me around 16€ ( at the time, but I also had to pay extra taxes due to customs...). The bottle is made of glass - which makes me a little scared of using it around, since I can be quite clumsy sometimes. Also it means that it isn't travel friendly...when I went on Holiday I had to make the decision of not taking it with me because I knew it would break for sure.
In terms of application, I usually pore three or four drops on hand and pat it onto my face and let it dry and sink in. After that I usually apply my serum and/or my night moisturiser. And yes, I use this after applying my tonic/acid toners.

And regarding results, I can say that I am really happy about getting this. My skin always feels a lot softer whenever I use it and I've also noticed that old scaring has been fading away or disappearing completely. My pores also look less clogged around my nose area.
I also need to mention that this product doesn't contain any alcohol or perfume, making it quite friendly of those with more sensitive skin. Whenever my skin is in a nay-mode - specially during that time of the month - this helps my skin calm down. And you are wondering - would I buy this again? Yes I would. I'm also curious about the western version The Body Shop has launched from their Vitamin E range. I'll probably get it for the really cold Winter time.
You can easily find this product in places like Jolse.com or around good sellers from ebay.
I hope you enjoyed this review, any doubts or questions feel free to ask. Take care everyone, have a nice day!