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Hello dears!
Finally I'm able to write this post! I planned to write it and post it yesterday but y photos didn't look good, so I decided that it was best re-shoot everything and write today. 
I want to say that my inspiration for the display and background of today post goes to Sleep and Water (one of my favourite blogger's). I wanted to take photos on my grandmother dining table but that didn't went very well because of the lighting...Anyway, I was able to photograph everything I wanted. 

An overview of everything. Two Skin Care products, a kit from Benefit, a blush from Nars and my favourite eye Brush from Argent Makeup.


Starting with Lierac's Dioptigel, it's my first eye cream (or should I say gel?) and it's amazing. I only need to use a real tiny....really tiny bit of this product. I feel that my under eye circles are less purple and ugly after using this.  Nice one Lierac!
Then of course, my beloved Efflacar Duo! I couldn't let him out of this post. It makes wonders. I had a huge problem with acne scares and now they area all fading away because of this bad boy. (P.S. This is the French version, which means I can use it everyday without any problems!)


Nars Outlaw is something everyone should have! What an amazing pink blush. super pigmented (which means that I need a really light hand when I'm working with it) and super long lasting! Yes, it's a bit expensive of some people (me included) but the quality is worth it! I still have to find a blush that lasts as much as this and that is as pigmented as this one!
The little brush you see here sis Argent Makeuo's 201. It's a blending brush and O-M-G. It's amazing! If you have small eyelids you should check it. This brush actually blends the colours instead of rubbing everything like some super huge brushes do. And because it's made with synthetic fibbers, not only is animal friendly, it's also super soft! And the Pink helps a little bit as well!

The Bronze of Champions is something I'll never regret buying. I mean, hoola was never something that I would buy. I never though it would look good and What's Up was something I would always ignore. How could I? They are amazing products!
The cream eyeshadow and the powder one also something heavenly. Really amazing for everyday looks.
The LipGloss is really good, not sticky at all. The mascara...another piece of Heaven.

I don't have swatches of anything because I want to review everything separately.

Please Take Care girls! Have a nice day!*
With Love,

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