And They're Gone #1


Hello Dears!
Today I decided to write my first Empties post. I love to read them.
I feel really happy knowing that, even having so much stuff, I always end up finishing them. Clean concious I guess.

I'm really happy that I have this much to show and share.
I always try to finish everything and don't use anything new until the old one is dead an done - unless I have an allergic reaction or the product isn't in a good condition. Which is a nice system. It makes me save money - since I don't feel the need to get anything - space , because I don't end up with 10 cleansers (Seriously, I bought a cleanser from The Body Shop 2 or 3 months ago and I still have enough product for the next 2 or 3. And I get my concious clear.


Starting with Hair and Body, last month I finish a bottle of shampoo and conditioner from L'oréal Elvive, from their Keratine line. It's a nice product. It didn't amaze me and by the end of the month my hair was getting used to it (it's not a good sign). I may bought again, but not in a near future.
Sephora's Coco lotion was something that I didn't enjoy at all. I got it last year on sales and took me a lot to finally finish it. I'm glad I did it!
Last but not leas, Le Petit Marseillais hair mask for oily hair is one my favourite hair masks. Contains Jasmin and white clay. This guy you see here is my third jar. I won't but straith way, just because I'm in love with my current mask from TRESemmé and I'm dying to try out Lush's and The Body Shop's hair products. Anyway, I might get another one!


For skin care, I finish a lot (which is why I did that haul last month). From Le Petit Oliver, I really loved their Clay & Lavender mask (although I want to try their normal clay mask and their clay and Tea Tree mask ), affordable and really amazing.
From Balea (a German brand) I finish a hydrating mask that I got from a friend. It's a really nice mask, specially for when my skin is more dehydrated. The sad thing is that I can't get it now. The tinny white and Orange sample-size tube is a sample from a Sun Screen from Eucerin. I didn't liked it, too oily for me, which means I won't be purchasing the real-size version.
And, with great sadness (not so much because I got a back up 2 days before it ended), my first tube of La Roche Posay's Effaclar Due is gone (I'll be writing a review about it this week!). It's really amazing. And I'll keep buying them.

The next three products are all from The Body Shop (need to keep saying it) and from their Tea Tree line.
The facial Exfoliant wasn't a favourite (although, the new one is AMAZING and a new favourite). It was too gentle for me, I wouldn't feel my skin exfoliated...I won't repurchase this particular exfoliant. The new one however is a different matter.
Then, the oil for spot treatment is something I should have gotten ages ago. Sometimes (either because of hormones, stress, bad sleep, food or something else) I get one or two pimples (which sometimes are super inflamed and hurt a lot) but with a little cotton-tip (don't be crazy like me, don't use cotton disks, cotton-tips are perfect) , place the oil on the pimple are and the pimple will dry out and heal.And to kill even more bacteria and stop the inflammation, I always use my Toner after. This is my favourite toner and I won't change it (although I want to try the tea tree water from lush!). It tones my skin, cleans it and helps me with my acne problem. What else can I ask?


Now for the only makeup item and the two items that aren't really that....important?
Starting with Demak Up makeup removing wipes, I don't use wipes on my face any more, only for swatches and removing makeup from my hands (for when I apply primer, concealer, cream eyeshadow..). Anyway, These ones aren't anything that special...I'll stick with my favourite ones from Nivea (that I usually get on buy 2, pay one packs ) . From the same brand, but a favourite, we have the Duo + cotton disks. They are amazing, specially for makeup removal. I'll keep buying them for sure.
And my only makeup item is a mascara from Rimmel London. This mascara (Scandaleyes show off) didn't wow me at all, besides, I would look like a Panda after 4 hours...I  repurchase this mascara. I prefere to give a couple more euros and get a nice one (I'm allergic to Maybelline Mascaras by the way). Rimmel London has amazing products, but this one isn't one of them (for me at least)

Before I show you the next product, please note everyone is different and, a product that works amazingly on mw may not work with you and vice-versa. I know for example that not everyone loves Efflaclar Duo as much as I do and there are people that really love Maybelline mascaras.


And the last product is something that I only use...once? I got this nail polish two or three months ago and last week when I wanted to use it...I found it like this...
It's dry and I don't know how. I got super sad because the colour was really pretty and I really love Sally Hansen's nail polishes...I guess I need to be careful next time.

Please take care, see you on my next post!
With Love,

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