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Hello dears!
I want to share a little haul, that it's going to include some products I got from my grandparents (because of my birthday). Anyway, I want to say that I don't buy this type of makeup all the time, I just usually use my birthday and Christmas money to get specially more high end makeup products (specially palettes). So please don't get mad! (And yes, you might see more products later because my aunt and my dad have yet to give me their presents)

Sarting with products that have nothing to do with a From Bourjois, I finally....but FINALLY got myself a cream blush from Bourjois. I spent all my Spring and Summer reading British bloggers raving about them. When they finally hit our stores I saved some money and I got one for myself.It's really amazing! I want to buy all of them (in time, in time!)
From Catrice (if you are familiar with Essence, Catrice is like a "big sister" to Essence. Their products have a more "solid" packaging, are a bit (like 1 or 2 euros, depending on the product) more expensive but their quality is amazing. They launch their own version of the chubby sticks and I'm really happy with them. For 5.69 they are really amazing. I want to (in time) get more colours. 

Yesterday I went to the supermarket and to Well's (it's like a Drugstore/ParaPharmacy) And I this four items. From Well's, I got the Brow Gel/Mascara from my brows. I got the brown one because I thought it would be better than the clear one ( I have brown hair and brows anyway) and I got that small eye pencil - Made to Stay inside eye Highlighter Pen - because I saw a review from NikkieTutorials about how amazing this product was - even better than her favourite Ben Nye pencil !!. I tried out today and it's amazing. I want to try more products from Catrice  because of this! 
Than from Bourjois again, two Color Boost's (Red Sunrise and Fuchsia Libre). They started to sell them on my local supermarket (with some luck, they also start to sell the cream blushes!). I'm glad that I was finally able to get them. I'll be on the haunt for the other two ones. 

And now the fun part. I got all of these items with money that my grandparents gave me. Otherwise, I wouldn't nothing (with the exception of the Mini-Sephora palette that was a gift from...Sephora.). But that have to say that I'm quite happy with what I got.

You guys are probably wondering why did I get this and not the Nude'Tude palette. Well...Nude'Tude isn't a limited edition or a "new season" product. It's something I can get any time during the year, while Pretty Rebel from Too Faced is a fall palette. I knew this palette from other reviews and promotion photos. I'm really glad that I was able to get this baby. The quality of this shades (and even the palette material) is amazing. I really need to invest a bit more on Too Faced products!
My favourite shades are (of course) the more nude shades, but the pink one is just heave, along with her neighbour. Anyway, I'll be working making a nice review during October (I may take a while...I'll announce why soon!)

Finally something from my wishlist!
I've been haunting this kit for ages! (pretty much since it was launched). I'm happy that I finally was able to get it. The only product that I'm quite unsure is the Benetint...I though it would be a bit more pigmented? Maybe I'm using a wrong nude lipstick with it. Anyway, I'll be looking more into it before making any review. I like to be really sure about products before talking about them.
I've swatched the blush (It was applied on me during a Brow Session on Benefit's BrowBar, which is why I got it) and it's pigmented and beautiful! If I ever finish this, I want to get a full-size version!

I'm looking forward into getting also TropiCoral and Felling'Dandy.

And the Sephora gift. A really small (almost travel size) palette with a blush, 4 eyeshadows and 2 lips products. I'm quite happy with this. Last year, Sephora's present was a facial cream...Now this I'll use way more than the cream. It's amazing to carry out on my hand bag or for travels.

It's everything for today.
If you want to see a review on one of this products please tell me! I'll eventually talk about them all, but if you want to see something first I'll work on it.

Please take care, have an wonderful day!

With Love,

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