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I'm really sorry for the very un-original name for this blog post. I promise I'll try to find something nicer next time!!
So, I finally decided to review some products.
Today I'll be talking about a skin care favourite : Efflaclar Duo from La Roche-Posay. It's one of those products that people either really love or don't really fell for it, which I understand. We don't all have the same skin or skin type.
Also, I'll be talking about the European version. I know that in the US, the formula of this product (for some really weird reason) is different from the European Version. The European Version can be used everyday all over the face, while the US version is a spot-treatment - a very strong for what I manage to find. Pleeeeaseeee beware of this. I know that some people in the US had problems because they though that both version would be used in the same way. Please check which version you have, because I may be talking about something completely different from what you have.

This product comes in a very Silky and "tall" tube, But it's quite nice actually. If you read my last post, you know that I recently finished a tube of this product. Because of how this is tube is design, I'm able to use all the product without either leaving some product in the tube or having to cute the tube to use the rest. 
The "tip applicator" is also nice. I can precisely choose how much product I use,I can control with without any issues - sometimes it's very difficult to control quantities of products because of how they are build. 

Now, how was I introduced to this precious? 
I was watching a favourites video of BeautyCrush on Youtube when she mentioned this because she had seen a video of Tanya Burr (who had been advised by Ruth Crilly - don't ask me how she found this, It would be too much information..). Anyway, I got intrigued. They were claiming that this problem was a miracle with spots and acne problems. And I wanted to search that. 
They were right. This product is amazing.

But, it's not a miracle maker. I mean, don't expect to use it and wake up on the next day with the face of a baby. You need to use this everyday to have some results. After a week or two I could see my marks fading. After 1 tube, I have marks that are completely gone. My Skin texture also improved.
The only thing that I have to complain is that, it did nothing to my pores. It's the only down side. If you are planning to buy this because of your pores, don't do it. It won't help you that much.


About the ingredients, my field of study had nothing to do with science, but I can tell you that one of the big differences between the European and the American version, is that the European one contains Salicylic Acid, while the American one contains Benzoyl Peroxide. 
I also wanted to show you what the brand says about this product. Like I said, it's nice for acne and marks, but it doesn't do that much for pores. 

I also want to mention that this product has a gel consistency. It "soaks up" pretty fast and it doesn't look oily at all (I hate the oily feel on my skin. It's why I prefer water-based moisturisers). It also "blends" pretty easily.

Besides the downside mentioned, I'm pretty happy with this product and I'll keep buying it. Now I don't stress over acne marks or something. Finally I almost lost the feeling of needing heavy makeup on my face.

You can find this on Pharmacy's (in Portugal you can find this for 14€), Boots (for 9.75£), but you can find more information on La Roche-Posay's Website.

I hope you liked this review.
Please take care, have a nice day!
With Love,

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