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Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette
I got a free period again to post, after re-catching my Chinese lessons ( tomorrow will be History...and a bit of Literature as well). I think you guys might like this post. 
So, last month I had a bit of splurge and I got Too Faced's Pretty Rebel. It's from their Fall collection and to me, it's amazing if you want something to wear during the fall and even the holidays (like Christmas and New Year's Eve)
This palette is (apart from my "yet to finish" Inglot palette) the best in terms of materials used to do the overall packaging. The card board used is super strong - even stronger than the one used on the Naked Palette. The top has this really nice stripes that contains the brand name and the palette name and the back has the weights an where the palette was made. The actual ingredients are just printed on the box (I might take photos of that and leave it here if you want). 
The mirror has a pretty decent size and I personally love all the details effort they took into making this. 
In therms of size, the width is the same of the Naked Palette from Urban Decay and the length is the same of a Inglot Freedom System Palette (the ones of 5 eyeshadows and the ones of 10 eyeshadows). It's quite handy and easy to travel and Store. 
On, "shadow speaking", the palette has this amazing mixture of everyday neutrals and really funny and crazy colours for the night time (or even for everyday if you are felling a bit more edgy)  or, just like I said for the Holiday. But I'll speak more in detail. 


Dainty is the always need matte cream white shadow. Nice to highlight our brow area or (in my case) to set my MAC Paint Pot. 
Charming is a nice matte brown shade.A bit chalky sometimes, so be careful with that. I like it define my eyes. 
To me Girly is the prettiest shadow of this palette. Also, just like Gangsta, it's super creamy and blends out with no problem. It can be used on the outer corner of the eye or even used jut by itself since it's a dual chrome shadow. Perfect for a more effortless and yet edgy look for the Fall/Winter time. 
Totally Fetch is amazing. Matte but not chalky at all and super pigmented. Amazing for either a nigh time look or a more edgy fall look.
Miss Sparkle is a Matte with Sparkles shadow. A bit chalky, but nice for a classic smokey eye or for lining your eyes. 

Ringleader is a satin shadow that does pretty much what Daity does, but leaving a pearly effect on the leads. It's also really amazing to highlight the inner corner of the eye. 
Gangsta is one of my favourite shadows. It's super "creamy" and blends beautifully. For a "always" nice look I usually just blend it with Ringleader, but in my opinion it also may be quite pretty if worn just by itself on the lid. 
Instigator is Pure gold. I love Half-Baked from Urban Decay, but this Bad Boy kicks it with no problems. The pigmentation is crazy. Perfect for a Christmas or New Year's Eve. 
Badass it's pretty but needs a bit of a work. Some people may not like it, but if you are someone who love to build up the colours, you will love this for sure. But has a Denim feel that I quite like.
JailBird is pure silver. Just like Instigator, it's amazing for a Christmas and New Year's Eve look. Although I would pair it with Miss Sparkles for a classy Smokey Eye. 

Overall, I'm happy with this palette. Some eyeshadows need a bit of work, but other are super amazing. If you want to invest on a palette that has both neutral everyday shadows and super crazy and specially shadows at the same time, this is the one.
I got this from the Portuguese Sephora for 45 euros if I'm not mistaken. A bit pricey, but because the amazing quality of 80% of the shadows and the amazing packaging I it's totally worth it.
In Europe you can find this palette at any Sephora that sells Too Faced (believe me, if Portugal has it, any other Sephora has it for sure!At Least has it as well). If you live in a European country without Sephora or other country that doesn't have Too Faced at all, I recomend you to check BeautyBay where you even have free shipping. In the Uk, I believe that Boots also might sell this (I'm not 100% sure since it's not listed on their website)
In the US/Canada you can easily find this in Stores or order it from or  Too

I hope that you enjoyed this review. I tried to be as complete as possible.
I'm not a Makeup Artist, so this is the view of someone who buys makeup for daily wear.
I'll try to photograph tomorrow's look using some shadows from this palette.
Oh, and if like my nail colour, I'll be doing a post about it by the end of the week.

Please take care everyone, Have a nice day!

With Love,


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