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Hello everyone!
I decided to start with a new segment here on my blog called "Budget Beauty" where I talk about nice products that are friendly to our budgets. I have to admit that I tend to love high-end products, but there are a lot of Drugstore/High Street products and cheaper alternatives that I really enjoy. I guess there's space for everyone, right?


So today's product : Catrice's Made to Stay  Cream Eyeshadow (they call it longlasting eyeshadow, but it's cream eyeshadow!).
They are amazing, quite pigmented, easy for me to get and in my opinion, they are easier to work than the Color Tattoo's from Maybelline. Obviously they can't be compared to a MAC Paint Pot, but still, they are worth to check.
My only issue with them is their packaging, because it's quite small...I can't use my finger to remove product without having product under my nails...and for days where I want to just place something on my leads and run out from home to get the bus to school it's not really nice. 
I own 4 colours (I believe there are two more, I'm not sure) and they are all perfect for daily wear. Specially for the Fall/Winter time. 

The first two are 070 Mauvie Star (the purple one) and 080 Copper&Gabbana (the orange/goldish one).
Mauvie Star it's amazing, although needs a bit work and care since you don't want this all over the place.But it can be warn alone - although  I would use a bit of Naked from Urban Decay (or any other nude eyeshadow) to soft the edges.
Copper&Gabbana is amazing! You can use it on it's one, but it's perfect for a Smokey eye, specially with brown liner/eyeshadow. I usually do the Smokey eye with my Sephora Flashy Waterproof Eyeliner pencil (another Budget friend).

At last (but not least) we have 040 Lord of the Blings (the silver one) and 050 Metall of Honor (the dark brown one)
Lord of the Blings is amazing. it's a really illuminating eyeshadow that you can easily sweep on you leads and without effort look amazing. It's also a really pretty base.
Metall of Honor in the other hand, need a bit more work and we need to be really careful, otherwise, this bad boy smudges everything when applied. But, when applied correctly, it's amazing. Although I would use really heavy mascara with this, otherwise it will look quite...dead?

Anyway, this precious cost around 4 euros (if I'm not mistaken) and I'm pretty sure that you can easily find them or order them. In Europe it's super easy to find, since Catrice is a German brands (it's the bigger sister of Essence). I'm not sure about the US...

If you can, try to check this guys.
I hope that this post was good enough. I tried my best to work with the natural light.
Please take care, have a nice day!
With Love,

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