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I'm sorry for taking so much to right a new post.
Things have been crazy around the house. From the fact that we will have some working around the house (the attic will be turn into two bedrooms for me and my brother and will be made a bathroom for both of us), my grandmother's health appointments, my dad's wife health exams, picking up my grandfather from his massage sessions (because he has problems of bad  blood circulation and other problems on his legs) to the really depressing raining weather...there has been no time or zen time to post here. I haven't yet photograph my  September favourites and working on some other makeup posts. I also want to mention that I might post even less in October. With the working around the house and school starting next week (I'll be taking Chinese classes this year!), I really want to focus. And there is the possibility of getting a part-time job (which is really nice actually. Having my own money and some independence is something delightful!).

 Now, about today's post. I decided to talk about some of my recent Skin care discoveries that are now favourites and staple products on my routine. I want to tell who are them, how I apply them and why I love them so much. Like review them, but not with major detail so to speak.

Starting with two The Body Shop products. The facial scrub is amazing. At least this new and improved version. It looks like a gel, but as soon as we spread the product into our face and massage it, we can feel the scrubbing power. My skin has been healthier now, since I now, can remove dead skin cells properly. The old version was a complete rubbish. It would scrub a thing. I guess that's why they revamp this one. I use it like...every tow to three days at the nigh time after taking my makeup and cleansing my face. I'll repurchase this for sure!
The Tree oil is another wonder product. I finally was able to get this year. This baby kills bacteria and kicks breakouts like no other. I don't have to many, but when I have, 2 to 3 days with this and they are gone. Although I have to admit that recently I changed the way I use this. I mean, it's supposed to be used as a spot treatment, but recently I use it every night. Three or Four drops onto my hand and I rub it all over my face. I've seen improvements after using the product like this.It helped smooth my face from the small clogged pores and future breakouts.

I finally found what I can call the perfect moisturiser! Besides the fact that I have oily skin, I also have really dehydrated skin. Basically, if my skin isn't properly hydrated, it will produce more oil. But the main problem is, most moisturises contain oil and don't hydrate at all. They just pretend that they do it. Bur randomly I found and tried this one (the tube you are currently watching is my second one actually) and it change everything. Hydreane legere is the best moisturiser I ever used. It doesn't contain any oil. Actually, the main ingredient is Thermal Water. I use it everyday after washing my face in the morning. I won't be looking into a new moisturiser for the day time any soon. 

To finish off, my beloved eye cream (actually it's a gel!) DioptiGel from Lierac won't be leaving my routine any time soon. I use it every night and sometimes in the morning before applying concealer under my eyes. It's non-greasy and my skin absorbs it really easily. I have a bit of curiosity around other eye creams, but now this a all time favourite.
At last- but not least - we have my beloved Effaclar Duo. You check my review about it here. I love it because it wonderful with my spots and acne scars. I use it every night after applying my Toner and Tea Tree Oil.

I promise I'll try to do the best I can to post more often. I'll be working around some makeup review's , favourites and fall looks!
Please take care everyone! Thank you for all the love.

With Love,

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