Sometimes being crazy is good...


...because than I'm able to do strange things and create amazing ones. 
Okay not that amazing, but yet nothing that people usually do. 


I've already mentioned that I went to a beauty event and that I got a couple of nail polishes and makeup brushes with discount there. One of the nail polishes I got was Angel Rain from Orly. It's a pretty metallic and exotic blue colour, but that alone wasn't that amazing. It was pretty light...So I was like "maybe if I add a darker base, the colours might stand out more". Because of the violet hint I saw I thought about using a red thing I ever did. 
The colour didn't turn out as blue as I initially wanted, but the effect I got was even better. I end up with a violet dual-chrome colour, with hints of blue and green.I even got complements from my father's wife (who is very picky with nail colours). 
I'm thinking about keep trying using different colour bases with Angel Rain. I might get more personalized colours  (which is lovely! I won't be interested in buying a dual-chrome nail polish right now, believe me!). 

Now, what did I used to get this? 


The hidden star is Malaga Wine from OPI. I got it last year (it was my aunt's present) during Christmas. I wanted a classic dark red for the winter time. It's perfect to wear alone (I promise I'll show you that in the future). I'm not a red nail girl (I think I'm still very young for them) but I love dark reds, almost burgundy ones. It gives me a Gothic feel (because I'm kinda pale...)
 But's perfect for experiences like this. And of course, Angel Rain from Orly. If it wasn't because of him, I wouldn't try to play around with nail polish like this. It was a recommendation from a friend...I'm glad I got it. I'll probably try to get more nail polishes like this.

This combination was on my nails for a all week without chipping. I also want to mention that I used Orly's To 2 Bottom (Top&Base Coat) as a base and as a top coat.
Where to find them? In the US you can easily find OPI at Sephora and many other stores. Orly can be found at Ulta.
For Europe (although some countries probably have already local physical stores and distributors - like in boots if you live in the UK for example ) and the rest of the world you can always order Orly & from Beauty Bay or from enails.

I hope that you enjoyed today's post. My weekend will be all about work around the house, studying History, Chinese and Literature. 
Have you ever tried anything like this? 

Please take care everyone, have a nice weekend!
With Love,

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