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I almost thought about naming this post "An Orgasm in Laguna"...but it would be too kinky maybe? Let's forget about this. 

So Yes, Shayne converted me to the Team. This Blush and Bronzer duo contains two of the most cult-love products in the industry - The Orgasm Blush and the Laguna Bronzer. I have to admit that I was away from the hype  - mostly because I wanted to try other shades before getting this particular one, like Super Orgasm and Deep Throat. Now I'm hooked. The blush is just amazing - perfect for any occasion and the same applies to the bronzer. I'll for sure consider getting full-size of these in the future when they hit pan. 

Orgasm is that shade that suits everyone and can be worn in many occasions. It's a peachy-pink shade with golden sparkles in it - but not too many in my opinion. Sometimes It can be a bit difficult to take out from the pan BUT, it holds for a very long time. more than 10 hours if I need to, which is amazing for school time - 'cause I won't be retouching my blush in between classes, 'aint nobody got time for that. Another good thing is that whenever I don't know what to use, I know that this will work - no matter if it's a dramatic or a soft look. It will look okay and healthy. God, what did I had in my mind for staying away from this!

Laguna is an amazing surprise. I mean, what could this bronzer have? It looks like a regular bronzer. Wrong. I need to be a tiny careful with the bronzer I use because of my skin undertone. This one gives me a very precise and natural sculpt when I use it for my contour. I may love my chocolate bronzer from Too Faced, but this one suits me better - specially with the winter coming. (I swear I wasn't thinking about Game of Thrones).

Again, I'm in Love. Thank you very much Shayne! We have a new team member in the "Orgasm + Laguna" fan theme. And Thank you Maria InĂȘs for taking this amazing photos and doing this lovely makeup! I'll probably bother you a bit from now on, ahah! 
Anyway, take care everyone! Have a nice day!

With Love,

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