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Hiii! I know, I should had a post online already..I should. Anyway, I got a few minutes to spare and decided to post the current morning routine. Let's highlight the word current because I'll probably do a few changes during the next month - but don't worry, I'll update you then. 

So, my morning skin care is really simple - cleansing, moisture and SPF. And eye cream. Nothing more (for now). 

Cleansing - Micelar Water from Garnier
It's what I'm currently using because it's gentle. In the morning I don't need anything too strong or powerful because I'm only talking the sweat and traces of the products I had placed on my face the night before. An oil would be too much so I go for this instead. 

Moisture - La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere

After cleansing, moisture. I like simple moisturizers that don't contain any mineral oil, otherwise I'll end up with my skin even oilier and dehydrated. This one is really simple and leaves my skin in a good mood. It's been a favourite for over a year already. 

Eye Care - Bioderma Sensibio Eye Gel
My under eye are is quite dry so, before concealer an eye treatment is a must do. I like this one specially for the day time because it sinks really fast and it's super comfortable. My eyes also look less purple - I'll probably keep buying this as my day time treatment. 

SPF/Sun Block - La roche-Posau Anthelios SPF50+  UVB+UVA
Sun Block is something I wear when it's really sunny and I'm out. Before anyone get super scandalized : with college, most of my time is spent in class rooms, school hallways and metro stations. It's also been raining here so...But when there's sun and spend a lot of time out - OH YEAH. I like this one because it's really light weight, sinks in and doesn't look greasy at all. Perfect. 

So, here's my skin care for the day time. I'll try to post the night time one during next week. (I know, this one was a really small post...sorry!)
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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