August Favourites '14


Hi September. Hi Busy life. 

August was an interesting month. Most of my time was passed preparing my trips, spending time with a friend that I'll only see again in December, spending time with other friends and getting my skin burn for the first time - It happens when you go on vacation with people that don't share the "sun damages your skin" philosophy. But nevermind, it was good. 
September is always an interesting month for me. First, it's my birthday month and second, I'll start college in two weeks. I'll probably stop with the Chinese for a year so I can manage college without getting all "oh my god I don't have time for anything". I still want to get more years and knowlege of the language don't worry, but I need a temporary break. Also, I'll have to work my ass off for that part-time job. I haven't spoken with the person that runs it (mostly because they are on vacations now) but I really want to try my best. You knows, it might be a really goo experience. 
Another highlight of the month was founding Orphan Black and watching Sailor Moon. Seriously, Orphan Black is amazing! I'm a huge fan of Sci-fi but I wasn't expecting something like this. I like how there's always actions, the character personality and amazing funny moments where you wouldn't expect them. I can't wait for March - I'm actually more excited for Orphan Black than for Games of Thrones at this point. Cutting characters like that wasn't cool along side with Maisie Williams calling the readers snobs . If it wasn't for these snobs there wouldn't a be a show you know. (I'm sorry for the rant). Sailor Moon has been fun to - the wrong perspective on Rei's eyes was something off but so far I'm loving it. And no, they aren't skinnier, open the manga, watch Sailor Moon Stars and you'll see that the 90's version totally mess up the proportion Naoko had. (sorry for the second rant).
As for music ( I should be talking about make up at this point shouldn't I ? don't worry, this is my last random paragraph) F(x)'s Red Light has now got a spot in my playlist - I won't comment the whole Sulli drama...let's say that at this point they should just be 4 and end the story - and the concept was amazing. F(x) should finally get a Fandom name, colour an more attention from SM. Next, Orange Caramel's My Copycat is the most funnier and clever MV I ever Saw. I hooked to the song because of that. Well done Pledis. Oh and have you seen Super Junior's Comeback? IT'S FREAKING AMAZING! Siwon looks a bit like Cristiano Ronaldo por some reason (no seriously, it reminds me a lot ) and that video was brilliant. Along with the song and the rap was spot on with a funny ending (I mean. "just close your lips, shut your tongue" ...SM Simon has offered himself to work on your English lines you know? You could also ask Tiffany's or Jessica's to help you). And lastly but not least, because of an Arrow commercial I'm now also hooked to OneRepublic's Counting Stars - 'cause "Everything that kills me, makes me feel alive" and "Everything that downs me...makes me wanna fly".  Still, a great song. 

Now let's talk about make up and beauty-related things. 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
I should have this with me sooner! I got it recently mainly because both of my Bourjois concealers can't be used in my under eye are because of bacteria contamination. So I had to get something moisturising enough and comfortable that wouldn't create too much fuzz. I got this one and I'm pretty happy. It does it's job without problems, bights up my eyes and doesn't crease on me. I still want to try the more expensive version like 3CE concealer or the Nars Creamy Concealer, but I've found my drugstore holly grail version for sure - although this might change, since I want to try the Collection Last Imperfection concealer.

Fenistil Gel
So like I mentioned, I got a sun burn - in my back and legs. Not good I know...and the worst part? I wasn't in the sun that much. One hour because they wanted me to get a dive...Next time I'll keep myself under the umbrella no matter what.
Anyway, because my skin got inflamed I had to treat with something cooling, moisturising and that would treat. This is a gel that we can get here at any pharmacy or store that sell non-prescription medicines and it was pure perfection. I don't have my skin red any more (just peeling off...I'll have to double scrub, moisturise and protect now). It's also good for when I get allergies or bug bites (I live in a urban area with lots of green space around so, there are lots of trees and plants around here along with insects an other kind of animals). So yes, it deserves a spot.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50+ UVB+UVA
Finally I this baby in my life. I was searching for a nice SPF and after watching Ruth's and Caroline's recomendation I decided to get it. It's just amazing - super light-weight, doesn't break me out, doesn't mess my make up and really protects my skin! Because guess what, where I placed this SPF instead of the one that my aunt had I didn't get a sun burn! So yes, it's aproved and althought I want to say some Asian Sun Blocks, I'll keep gravitating around this. I might do a proper review later.

Nars Orgasm and Laguna Duo
This is amaziiiiiiiiiiiing! (if I sound like Anna from Frozen, I'm sorry...or not)I'll be reviewing this later this week but I'll be strait up : I love this. It's perfect to me.
The blush shade is amazing for the pretty natural flush and the bronzer looks so natural. My contour looks a lot better when I do it with this onee. Oh yes Shayne, you have another in the OrgasmAndLAgunaClub.

Too Faced La Crème Lipsticks - In the Buff and Cinnamon Kiss
Meet the only things I got during this years sales. I rushed to sephora and I got the most prettier colours (they also had a red and a fuchsia shade...but I wanted something nice for school). I think these got discontinued but I think that Too Faced should re-promote them again. They are too pretty.And comfortable.
In the Buff is a really pretty nude - different from the one I have from Rimmel. This one has a hint of brown and less pink in it. I guess since we are getting into the 90's trend again a good " Celine Dion" nude colour will look nice (I would wear it anyway).
Cinnamon kiss is a lipstick that's between the "my lips but better" and a nice more deep shade. The only thing I know is that my face looks always a lot brighter and healthier when I use this. I'll probably rock this baby as much as Viva Glam Rihanna from MAC.

Here are my favourites. I'm sorry for the long into and the side notes and rants. I promise that I'll stop them if you don't like them.
Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

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