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So here I am finally to wrote this. Be prepared to a huge post of stuff and Spoiler alert : it's not the end! Because my dad has yet to gave me his present (and by the way I'm not complaining about it or anything, but he makes sure to tell me "I didn't forget about it" and I'm like "okay, sure"). I'm thinking about getting more skin care (like another serum), I want a BB cushion (I'm thinking about getting either the new Innisfree cushion or an Etude House one? Does anyone know if they are going to release their Holiday collection soon? They always launch pretty case and BB cushion versions for that). Oh and Etude House lippies! Many, lippies are in my wishlist...I really shouldn't crave I Know...but it's Etude House!

So, starting with what I got first, a friend used to sell Lime Crime and one day I visited her and mentioned that I was looking for a new primer that would survive my extremely oily eyelids and she ended up mentioning that she still had this Lime Crime primer to sell. I also asked her if she had any lippies and...she had Centrifuchsia, which was on my wishlist for years. I bought those as a birthday present. I'm really happy with them and I want more lip colours...but lime crime is quite overpriced now and the shipping is insane. Why Doe? Why!
Next, my mother asked if I wanted anything from the UK - she is working there - and I was like "Soap&Glory! Soap&Glory!" ( not literally okay?) and she got me these two amazing and gorgeou blushes. They are extremely pigmented...I dare to say, even more than sleek.
And Lastly but not least I got the Skin Food concealer and that Missha essence sample from an ebay seller - I don't really remember the seller's name! And apparently ebay will no longer work with paypal? (at least my friends were raging about that the other day...). The concealer is a great dupe for the Erase Paste from Benefit, Doing wonders to cover my under eye circles! 


Next, from another ebay seller - again, not mentioning it because of the "won't working with paypal in the future thing ". I decided to get the Clio Kill Black eyeliner which has a brush tip...I'll probably get the one with the pen tip in the future to compare them and see which one works best. I'm still trying to figure out how it works. Because my eyebrow pencil is almost dead I enjoyed a promotion and decided to get two Etude House Drawing eyes Brow Pencils in 01 and 03 - which I love. Next step is getting brow mascara from them as well. And because my Bourjois primer is empty now, I had to get a new primer so I decided to give a try to the Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Base - WHICH SMELLS SO GOOD! - and works really nicely. I dare to say that works better than my all time favourite Primed and Poreless from Too Faced. I also got a bunch of Samples and I'm really curious to try the Tony Moly Tea Tree lotion - another future Skin Care purchase maybe? 

Lastly but not least at all, from I got - alongside with a friend  - the Etude House real Art Cleansing oil which is really light and smells like oranges. Didn't break me out or anything, which is a good thing! alongside with a very interesting Mizon Hyaluronic Acid Serum - forget Hyraluron, get this. It's amazing and costs a fraction of the price. I wish I had found this sooner! And to finish the Aritaum Full Cover concealer - which covers everything and looks like a good duper for the Make Up For Ever Full cover concealer...with 25ml of product. Oh the amount of samples? AMAZING!
From all of the three packages this was the one that was more carefully packed and had more samples. I'll be getting more products from their store for sure. I guess you'll have to wait for November to see what I'll get.

So, what do you thing? Yes, there weren't any palettes which is a good thing - It's what I get the most...
I'll try to post my Autumn picks and favourites during next week. And yes, there will be reviews of the products mentioned!

Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

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