The Zoeva 6 piece eye brush Set


Brushes are an important tool for me. I'll admit that I'm a bit picky with the brushes I like to use - I usually don't like natural bristles and I like brushes that are soft. Oh and I don't like to spend too much money for them (but I guess we all don't like that either).
Last year, I found out that Zoeva had this kit for 16 euros and I felt curious. I only had one or two eye brushes at the time and I wanted something that would allow me to experience a bit more with eyeshadow. Later I asked a German friend if she could buy it for me - after I sent her the money of course - because this set was only available via Zoeva's Online shop and it was all in German...
The Kit contains 6 eye brushes which are what I can consider travel-sized one since they are a bit shot. Shorter than the Karma brush from the Naked Palette or the detail brush from Real Techniques. Not to mention that they also way shorter than the Argent Makeup 201. They came in a small pouch which I'm currently using in my hand bag for my eyes, powder and travel face brush. So far, the only Brush I haven't use was the eyeliner one because I have yet to explore the world of gel eyeliner But I think that the shame of this one is actually nice and better than the regular ones. I'll probably do an update about this brush later.

The Eyeshadow Brush has a nice size an shape and the bristles aren't too harsh. It's not as soft as I would love, but It's something that I can work with and it's a huge update from the Karma brush from Urban Decay - which almost rips my eye off whenever I try to apply eyeshadow. I wish the bristles were softer.
The same goes for the blending brush - not as precise as the AM202 but it's still nice and fluffy to work with, but sometimes it can be a little too harsh for my taste. I like my blending to me smooth and not scratch all over my lid.
The pencil brush doesn't look like a pencil at all...which makes me a little sad because I had really high hopes hopes for this one. It's not really precise, probably because of the fact that the top is cut an it's a bit stiff. Not too much, but enough to make to be extra careful with it.
The smudge brush is a true beauty. It does what it should without being too harsh so there isn't too much I can point. It smudges eyeshadow, just that.
The detail brush is also good - not as good as the one for Real Techniques - but works. It's nice for concealer, to place bright eyeshadow in my inner corner  and other detail work. I wouldn't recommend it for eyeliner, it's too big for that.

Overall, it's a nice set, Bare in mind that I got this a while ago an they may have changed their quality a bit. Still, I really want to get more eye brushes, specially for when I have these drying for their cleaning - yes, I clean my brushes every time I use them...I'm that obsessed.I'll probably get their Rose Gold set during this Christmas or Black Friday event. I might not love this with full force but, if you are new to the makeup world and need something to start, this is for you, although sadly this isn't available anymore. But you can still buy them piece by piece or their other sets. 

Take Care everyone. Have a nice day!

With Love,

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