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I'll skip the part where I excuse myself for not posting more because of school. Let's say that I'll probably post something Once a week and that's it? Until my Christmas Break and it's what I can do. I love blogging but school comes first.
So, you guys know that I love to do posts about what I choose for this time of the year. I don't know, Autumn brings good memories and feelings. I like the cold weather, but I hate when it's super freezing so, Autumn is perfect.
And it's interesting because a week after taking these photos - because I had the time and light for that - we got this super strange and hot week which I hated. Mostly because I couldn't sleep properly.

So now, here are some of my choices. I tried to choose both high end and drugstore items...with the exception of eyeshadows. But you guys forgive me that, don't you?

I know, mentioned these two last year. Anyway, the Urban Deacay Theodora palette is something that I tend to pick up during Autumn. I know that some of you might get bothered because this was a limited edition and you can't get it but... I believe that some of these shades were released into their singular shadow collection and I really want to use what I have, no matter if it's a limited edition or not. Also, these have the best UD formula in my opinion!
Next, MAC Cranberry usually get a bit more usage during the time as well. I've been thinking about getting more singular shadows from other brands like etude house or innisfree - some of their mineral shadows look really good - and depot everything into my Wild Peach cosmetics palette that Shayne gave me (thank you!). I love to either do a smokey eye with cranberry allover the eyelid and Bewitch & West around my crease and lower lash-line. On a simple day, there's nothing like Broken all over my eyelid and Beware on my crease to define it.

I came to realize that I have more Autumn/winter shades than Spring/Summer shades.
Anyway, from Drugstore I couldn't resist to mention sleek. Their trio in sugar has the perfect shades - 2 matte and 1 shimmery - for any Autumn look of your choice, with gorgeous pigmentation. Alongside with that, the all time famous Face Form had to be mentioned as well - the blush can easily be worn at any occasion, the bronzer makes me look defined without being too orange or muddy and the highlighter is super pretty and isn't too shimmery.
From the High End department, my choice went for these 3 gorgeous products from NARS. Seduction is a quite intimidation shade, but believe me, it looks really nice for this time of the year and it can be blended. Laguna and Orgasm don't really need too much introduction : laguna is an amazing bronzer just like sleek's and Orgasm goes with any look or season.

(from left to right : MAC viva glam Rihanna; Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Pencil in Theodora ; NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil in Never say Never )

Yes, I master the art of not doing my swatches like I should. Shame on me I guess.
Anyway, here are the lipies that make me look super classic and polished during autumn. The MAC viva glam Rihanna is perfect for when I want something red but "not that red". When I got it during my SWAP with Shayne I knew it would be perfect for this time. The same applies to Theodora, which can be a little intimidating but can be worn without problems - it lasts a lot on my lips too. The only problem is to sharpen it...apparently I'll have to get a compatible sharpener for him and the NARS matte velvet lip pencil - which is the most comfortable matte lip pencil/lipstick I ever found. Doesn't dry my lips and stays for a while in my lips without problems and it's really easy to reapply. 


(from left to right : Kate by Rimmel London in 05; Rimmel London 038 in Vogue; Rimmel London Amethyst Shimmer ; Rimmel London 166 Temptation; Kiko Makeup 87 ; Essence 03 Dare to Wear )
To compensate the fact that I only have high end palettes, here's a huge selection of drugstore lispticks. Starting with one of my all time favourites - Kate by Rimmel London in 05 , although I love to wear it during the Spring and Summer, I think he goes better with the cold season. In Vogue and Amethyst are really pretty shades that I'll be working with during this season as well - they look intimidating at first, but look seriously gorgeous. Temptation is the probably the hardest colour to wear (mainly because I need a lip pencil...) but has everything to shine during the cold. 
87 from Kiko looks more reddish on the bullet than what it is - in a season were people are loving purples and burgundy shades, this one is a budget friendly choice. And the Dare to Wear from Essence is also a friendly red guy that it's easy to find, although a bit dry for my taste (nothing that a good lip balm won't help)

Here are my choices! I promise I'll try to post actual looks with them soon on my blog later during November.
What will you rock during Autumn?

Take care everyone! Have a nice day!

With Love,

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