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Oh yes, another month went by. November was the month of changes. Blog included. 
So, if haven't noticed, the blog name and URL has changed. I had an Epiphany moment were I decided to change it...and here it is. School is still crazy. More 3 weeks of classes and I'll a small break for exams and if everything goes like it should I'll be back in classes around February. That would give me a bit of time to work on more posts. I'll also try to post some-kind-of-Christmas-wishlist? 
So, I haven't used too much makeup during this month, mostly because I was sick during past of the month and it was bad. Terrible. Still, the days I wore, I had a few favourites. So I had to share them, obviously. 

The Clio Kill it Black Waterproof Brush Eyeliner was really cool to wear whenever I got time to apply it. It's my first "real" eyeliner - I had one from Catrice which was horrible...- and it's really cool. Although, I need to wear a primer with it, other wise It will go away and I'll look like a panda or something. I might try other liners - I still want to try to dolly wink eyeliner...I mean, the raves! Anyway, I might do a review on this one during this month - If I get the time to do it of course...

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in 030 Cake Pop and this is apparently an affordable dupe to the Clarins  Baume Couleur Lèvres, which are kinda expensive. This baby is amazing for the days were I don't know what to wear but I want to look polish and with my lips hydrated and looking good. I might get the other shade a review both of them too (yes I have a pile of stuff to review...)

VMV hypoallergenics Ooh-la-lash Mascara is probably my mascara best-friend. It's - to this day - the only mascara that doesn't make me want to rub my eyes after applying it or during the day. And if my lash curled worked better, I would probably have doll lashes everyday. 

Essie Nail Polish in Not just a Pretty Face and Lovie Dovie are my recent acquisitions. The formula is just perfect - smooth and glossy - doesn't take too much to try and most importantly - doesn't chip like hell.  Not Just a Pretty Face is the perfect peachy nude for any occasion and Lovie Dovie is the prettiest pink. Yes, I want more.  

NARS duo in Orgasm and Laguna. Do I need to say more? The blush is just perfect - stays in place all day and looks natural. And the bronzer...The bronzer is amazing to define my crease. Yes you read it right, to define my crease. Because you know, I have a huge collection of eyeshadows - planing on getting more - but yes...I defined my crease with a bronzer. You guys probably that I went totally bonkers (probably did, all the best people are. At least that what Alice says)

Skin Food Salman Darkcircle concealer Cream in 01 kicks my under eye dark circles without any problem. (okay, the correct term is cover, I know, don't worry) Nop, I won't be replacing this one any time soon. Sorry Erase Paste, but you got competition.

MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC20, is still a favourite to deal with dark spots and marks. Although it needs a bit of work during this time - BECAUSE IT'S FREEZING HERE. ELSA LET IT GO ALREADY, OKAY? -  but nothing that two extra seconds won't resolve. 

So here are my favourites. I'll be back to my studies. 
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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