A small chit-chat update, 2014 in perspective


I know...I know. I haven't post as much. Like I've said before, college has been killing me. I recently got 2 weeks without classes and if everything goes as planed I won't be having too much to do in January besides one test. So I'll try to post and organize as many posts during that time as possible. 

Now, if you follow my instagram you already know that I finally got myself a vanity table. I still need to get a few bits and bobs in terms of organizing the interior of the drawer and I'm still waiting for my drawer set which will be siting next to the vanity. This one was a bit more expensive than the regular vanities from IKEA but...it's so unique and pretty. It also gives me a prettier set for my blog photos!

Next, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I want to thank you all for reading and commenting. You love and support is amazing and I wouldn't keep this place without it. This blog is something really important for me and I'm glad I can share it with all of you. 
Specially because 2014 was a year of changes. I can firmly say that I grew up a lot and I'm ending this year knowing myself better. I used to not think about things like I do nowadays, I used to judge people quite easily - thankfully I've stopped that. It's hard, but I'm working on that. 
I've finished my first year of Chinese and I really want to take a second year for sure. It's a different language but It's something that I really enjoyed and I miss. 

I'm looking forward 2015. It will be a big year. At least I'll try to make it big and better. 
Again, thank you all for the amazing support. I'll try to post a couple more things before the end of the year. And yes, there will be a Christmas Haul, but I might only have it ready after the New Years Eve since I'll be ordering some stuff online. 

Take care everyone, Merry Christmas!
With Love,

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