Christmas Wishlist - 2014 Edition


So Christmas is coming. I have to admit that because of college I'm too stressed to actually breath the Christmas Spirit. But I'm trying to get it as much as possible.
Now, this is one of those years where I don't really know what I want besides one thing - a new pair of glasses. Not only because I don't the design of the ones I currently one, but also because I really need new lenses. So, the items I have here are like a compliment. And don't worry, it's obvious that I'm not expecting all of this okay?
In terms of base, I really want to get myself a new foundation and a BB Cushion.So, here are some of the options :

1. Clinique Even Better Foundation - I never tried anything from Clinique...and this looks quite good. I'm always dealing with hormonal breakouts (nothing major, don't worry) and I want something that makes my skin look good but that isn't too much you know? And the fact that this one doesn't have any perfume makes me feel safe.

2. Chanel Vita Lumière Aqua Foundation - I had a sample of this and at the time, I really liked it. Nowadays I'm a bit scared of this. I know it's water-based so it won't be bad to my dehydrated skin but I'm worried that I might get too shiny during the day - which is something I don't want at all. 

3. Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion Winter Foundation - Something that I really want to try is cushion bb creams/foundations. They always intrigued me. So I've been researching for the perfect cushion and according to Meejmuse, this is one of the best - her favourite is from Iope and it's quite expensive. 

4. Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion - I's Etude House. Do I have to to explain it even more? This one follows the same line of the previous cushion. And These cushions are known for being quite good and affordable so...I really don't know what I should get. 

Getting into the brush world, I've been dyeing to get my hands into more Zoeva brushes...specially their Rose Gold collection. And something I'll be sure, even If I don't get them now, I'll be sure to get them during 2015. 

5. Zoeva Highlighter brush - I really need something like this in my collection. I was looking for the Real Techniques brush but...this one looks so classic and pretty! And since I want to expand my highlighter collection - don't judge, I only have 2 powder highlighters...technically 1 actually - this will be a good addition. 

6. Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Set - Top of my priorities. I really need more eye brushes. The set of 6 I have is good but...I kinda need more. And yes, I'm still in love with my Argent Makeup 201, but he need more brothers and sisters. So, for the price, this set is just perfect. I'm really glad that they decided to make it! 

7. Zoeva Cheek Finish - I'll blame Shayne a bit. Ever since she made this post I felt in love with him! and no...I actually don't really need another blush brush but...It's always good to have backups right? 

8. Zoeva Rose Gold Set - So yeah...I really want this set too. It's just...too pretty.  And yes...more foundation and concealer brushes are welcomed. Oh and that pouch too. 

And now...The makeup and Skincare department. Besides what's here, I'll admit that I'm thinking about getting for sure the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Palette (I'm actually going to do a reservation on this one next Friday!) because it's so pretty! The original caught my eye but later I realized that the shades weren't my thing...but I can see myself using this one!  

9. Etude House Flower Moistfull Cream - I tried a sample of this and OMG, it's so good. I used this as my my night cream and in the morning, my skin was so soft. Seriously, soft and looking good, pretty and everything that I want it to look like. So yes, on my wishlist for sure. 

10. Mizon AHA 8% Serum - I'm in love with my Hyaluronic acid Serum from Mizon and I've read really good reviews about this one so...I'm quite curious about it. You guys know how much I love chemical exfoliation so...

11. InnisfreeMineral Single Cream Shadows - The shades are so pretty. I want them all (like the Pokemon's you know? ). I love cream shadows for my "I want to be polished but I'm too lazy/I'm late for school" kinda thing. 

12. Innsifree Mineral Single Eyeshadows (Fall collection) - I've selected these shades. They just look so pretty. But I'll be sincere...I if I end up getting the Too Faced palette...I probably won't be getting these. Although they are, indeed, really pretty. 

So here's my really super big wishlist...It's too much I know. 
Let's see how much of this really ends up moving in ?
Take care Everyone, have a nice day!*

With Love,

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