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 A Pop of Blush with Clinique 

I believe I have been talking about these blushes for ages around the blog by mentioning them in various posts. And yet I have been for months - I am not joking - been planning to talk about these bad boys. I actually took three different sets of photos - and at this point the current set might have changed again before posting. If this ain't perfectionism, I don't know what it is. 

The point is, I am here to talk about some of my favourite blushes from all time. I remember seeing various British bloggers and vloggers talking about them and of how good they were. Sadly, for some reason I am yet to understand, they were never released here in Portugal. But luckily, I have someone who could get them and send them to me (in this case my mother). They fairly easy to get there - even if they don't own the entire range. I am still wishing to get another shade of this range and to try out their Lip Pop Eyeshadows ( Petal Pop and Cream Pop look like shades I would wear on a daily basics) But enough with my wishes and let's talk about what really matters, shall we? 

First of all, let me explain the formula of these. They aren't the regular powder blushes - like MAC's or Benefit's for example - and that is something you can see just from looking at them. And yet, they aren't exactly creamy either. And yet, they are super easy to apply and hold beautifully on the skin without fading or looking funny after a few hours. The daisy-shaped emboss is also another trate I really enjoy from this blushes. 
In terms of shades, 04 Plum Pop is a lovely cool pink shade that looks amazing any time of the year, specially in the winter time (in my humble opinion). This one sadly had a small accident and got a small dent on the pan. Still, it is one of my favourite shades.
During the Spring time, I love to grab 03 Berry Pop, which a lovely neon bright pink. It might look terrifying but with a light hand it look beautiful on the skin. It gives a truly healthy look to the skin and makes any makeup look fun.
And as the heat of the Summer approaches, 08 Melon Pop is going to be my best friend. This lovely coral blush reminds me of coralista from Benefit, but without the shimmer ( which mean that I can top it off with any highlighter...I am seeing myself doing that this summer!)
I really love these blushes and like I said before, I really want to try other shades from this range. I am still sad that they aren't available locally in Portugal for some reason. 

Have you tried any Clinique Pop Blush? 

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