Things I've learn in 2018 so far


Because these six months have taught me a lot already 

Can you believe it? We are already in June!! I was not able to blog much in May due to a mix of personal problems, work load at college and having health problems (specially allergies) to take care. I really want to resume regular blogging between the end of this month and July. I cannot promise a concrete date due to pending evaluations for this semester's courses. 

Nonetheless, I really want to share some simple things I have learned until this point that have helped me throughout 2018 so far. Some times there's nothing like a more personal post, right? 

Stop overworking myself

Overwork is something I am very guilty. Either my work at the faculty's library or my masters, I tend to sink into stuff and that does not help. That leads to unnecessary stress - translating into insomnia - that creates a never ending cycle of problems. 
I learned that no matter what I need to take time to myself and disconnect from work. It took time and I have to admit, I still struggle - the month of May was a perfect example - but I am convinced that things will get better. 

Standing my ground

And again, I had to learn how to say no to things. Even if non-verbally. It might sound strange, since I own a blog and social-media accounts, but I am a reserved person. So when a fellow-classmate was caught sneaking into my phone and commenting the fact that I was talking to a friend, turned on a huge red light on my head. I don't like when people do this kind of stuff. I decided that I would distance myself in order to work my feelings towards the issue. Needless to say, I'll be enjoying a big distance from that person. 
It does not matter who it is. No one has the right to invade your private space - cellphone or not - and even have the audacity to comment that with another person right next to you. People need to learn boundaries. 

Fight for your believe, plan it 

I have been, on the back office type of stuff, working on what I want for this blog. I finally got to the point where I know exactly what I want for it, even though I need to work on a few structural issues. But because I know I cannot execute these plans due to my masters' final essays for this semester. But I know that te Summer time will be a very good time for me to put new content and new schedules into place. It all takes planning and love for what I am doing. 

If it makes you happy, don't leave it aside

As part of a project I had to deliver this semester, I had to pickup on my art tools and do a two page spread comic. I ended up working - in a very messy and silly way - with watercolours. This sparked my old love for drawing and projects. I have been thinking about picking up some watercolour notebooks and paper and get back to it during this summer. 
Bother-line is, I really want to get back at drawing and painting, no matter how silly it it. I have been sketching some simple simple things.  Maybe I'll share them here one of these days? 

Some of these might sound silly, but life has been really busy. People often then not try to take advantage and we need to say no. And life isn't just work and University projects and courses.  Spending time with friends and taking care of my sanity is as important. 

And you? have you learned so far in 2018?

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