Favourite Essie Nail Polishes for Spring and Summer


How to make Spring and Summer brighter with Essie

There's nothing like applying a good bright nail polish during the warm weather. Perhaps it's the bright light and the bright colours. Or the fact that the days tend to be longer. I just love to apply it. And this Spring and Summer is no exception, specially surrounding my Essie nail polish collection.
Although the weather has been really strange in Portugal. For reason - some kind of storm, I believe? - it has been colder (20ª in June!! usually it's like...30º or higher) and it has been raining. It's not that I don't appreciate the water - we had problems last year because of that, but I want good weather. And be able to drop my coats.
Alas, enough with the weather-rant. Let me tell you my favourite shades from Essie. 

If there's something I love to wear is pink nail polish. One of my favourite shades is Lovie Dovie because of how bright and positive it is. This is a very opaque shade, in contrast to other shades from the range that are more translucent. It also makes my nails look really pretty and goes along with my skin without any issues. It's a long time staple.
Another long time staple in my collection is Not Just a Pretty Face, a really light beige nail polish. It's one of my favourite nude polishes and it's prefect for this season - specially in May when due to academic events I cannot wear bright shades.  Two coats and it's good to go!

But there's also a more bright spectrum of shades. And more classic as well. A shade that, in my humble opinion, gets to be in that category is Flowerista. It's a gorgeous solid purple that I love wear all-year around, but gains a completely different vibe during this season. It sets the mood for other things I guess.
On the same family, Play Date is a gorgeous lilac shade that I tend to choose when I want something more cool toned but neither too bright or too light. It is easy to apply and only needs two coats to look amazing and opaque. It is also another shade that makes my nails look really pretty.
But nothing screams Summer like Mint Candy Apple, the classic and cult-favourite mint shade. I used to be obsessed with this shade! Specially when Essie was really hard to get here in Portugal. Needless to say, it is one of favourite nail polishes and a true star of the season. 
Lastly but not least, Bachelorette Bash is a stunning hot pink that takes away any bad energies and brings fun to any outfit!It is actually the shade I am currently wearing on my nails! Cannot recommend this enough! 

And you, what's your favourite nail polish shade for the spring and summer?

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