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When the desert meets the eye

At this point, I believe almost everyone knows who Huda. Or knows her brand. I have to sat, it look me a while to get into the hype. Having her released at Sephora was for sure he impulse I needed in order to buy and try out products from her brand. This the story of how I decided to adventure myself into the ultra-hyped Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette. 

How I came across the brand

The first time I got a Huda Beauty product was around my birthday. I decided to purchase two of her liquid lipsticks (alongside a brand I no longer support) in order to treat myself after a working period and because I felt I deserved something really nice. As mentioned, I really like her formula and I am looking forward to purchase more liquid lipsticks from her brand. (I already have a few shades under my radar).

How I got the palette 

As for the palette itself, I only fell in love after seeing many reviews and touching it in real life at Sephora. I loved how it had both neutral and more colourful shades. The price point was a bit over of what I usually pay for an eyeshadow palette but soon Christmas arrived alongside with a few discounts. Needless to say, I ended up hunting down for this palette everywhere.

Now onto Swatches 

(from left to right : Desert Sand: Musk; Eden; Amber; Blood Moon; Oud)

(from left to right: Celestial ; Nefertiti; Twilight; Amethyst; Royal; Retrograde)

(Cashmere; Angelic; Cosmo; Turkish Delight; Saffron; Blazing) 

Was the hunt worth?

I have to say, yes. After all, it has been one of my go-to palettes, specially when I know I'll have a very important event. It was my palette of choice for the Holidays. The colour scheme is something that pleases me more now, almost in my 25's than a regular neutral palette. I love the warmth of the red shades and the lightness of the beiges. And of course the purples have a special place in my heart. Amethyst is one of my favourite shades from the palette, alongside Retrograde (which I love to apply at the centre of my eyelids) whenever I want a more fun and colourful look. Blood Moon and Angelic are also another favourite pair of mine.
A recommendation I have is to wear some type of glitter glue primer (I own Glitter Glue by NYX, Too Faced used to have one as well, MAC and MUFE have their own versions, alongside other brands) for both shimmer and glittery shades. Specially Cosmo, since it is in fact pressed glitter and it won't be working without a proper primer and a wet brush. Also be careful with the matte shades, since they tend to be a little powdering and messy, even if without looking chalky or anything like that.Overall I really like this palette and it is usually the one I choose whenever I have parties or night events with friends.

And you, what are your thoughts surrounding this palette?

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  1. I found Cosmo hard to work with too - though overall I really love this!

    Jasmine xx

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