A Reading Saga for the Summer : The Lunar Chronicles


"Oh Stars" 

There's nothing like a good book. Even better, a good book series. I decided to share more book recommendations, specially for the summer time.Today's recommendation is the Lunar Chronicles from Marissa Meyer. I have to admit, when I first heard of this book series I frown upon reading it. I am not sure if it was because of the author's surname (which reminded me of another author, with a vampire series...) or because I had misconceptions about this genre. 
I eventually decided to give this series a chance and got the whole series ( the 4 main books plus the 2 specials) and I fell in love with the saga. Today I'll be only talking about the main books of the saga, leaving the the other two with space of their own (I'll be writing about them soon). I won't be doing synopsis of the stories, mainly because I'd fail miserably in not telling you spoilers.  


I have already reviewed this book on the blog. The premisse of this book is a retelling of Cinderella (hence the name Cinder) but instead of a very...I'd say people pleasing character (like the Disney versions), Cinder is a very powerful and independent character. She obviously suffers due to the fact that she is a cyborg - even concealing it from Prince Kai at first - but she is a bit like Harry Potter towards the Durseleys. She does not back off. 
The Book ends with a cliffhanger that made me jump off towards the second book, specially since I hated the main villain ( I still hate her!). A very good stat for the series.  


This is my favourite book of the series. Scarlet is the retelling of Red Riding Hood, but instead of a young a naive Red, we get a super independent and strong lead character. Scarlet has obviously her own issues - trust is one of them - but her bravery and spark totally drive me towards her. I also really love her dynamics with Wolf - they are my favourite couple!!
This book reveals itself as a good upgrade from Cinder and develops really important parts of her story as well, preparing us for what is coming up next. 


Not my favourite book, but I don't hate it. I had some trouble connecting with Cress. Mostly because she isn't as independent as Cinder or Scarlet. But her story is also completely different. If anything, I felt like this one was a retelling of Rapunzel - specially Disney's Rapunzel in Tangled. Thorne even looks like a galactic version of Flynn Rider.
I still enjoyed the book and it's cliffhangers. If anything, it prepared me to the climax of Winter


The last book of the series (without considering the special book that contains a short epilogue) tells us the story of Princes Winter of Luna, a very troubled version of Snow White. 
Winter is a girl that suffer from many traumas, specially at the hand of her stepmother Queen Levana (the story's main villain) . Nonetheless, she always tries to keep a gracious attitude and demons at bay. She proves herself as a true gryffindor, making the ultimate sacrifice and brave act in order to help Scarlet and Cinder. This book sets the conclusion to the story of all characters and the Lunar Chronicles.  
To sum up, the series retells the tales of Cinderella, Red Ridding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White, while bringing up girl power. The male counterparts like Prince Kai, Wolf, Thorne and Jacin also reveal themselves a good support to the characters. If anything, no matter how hurt and broken they all might seem - some physical, others mentally - they develop their own support system. 
Although the series is now complete, Marissa Meyer has been releasing Graphic Novels under the perspective of Iko, the charming and sarcastic robot of Cinder. I am yet to read it, but I'll be sure to do it as soon as possible, alongdside Heartless. 

And you? Have you read the Lunar Chronicles before?

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