Two Favourite Peach Blushes for Summer


Getting that Hint of Peach 

I love to wear peach blushes, specially during the Summer time. I don't know why, but there's always something in me that reminds me of of the warmth of the season. I also tend to either wear more warmer shades or to just do simpler looks - because no one enjoys having their face melting under 35º+ right? 

Although I like to wear cream blushes during the Winter and Spring time, I don't really like to do it during the summer time. Mostly because they won't be able to hold up as beautifully as a powder blush due to the heat.Please bare in mind that, although weather has been really strange, Summers in Portugal are super hot. We can reach 35º+C /95º+F and even higher in certain parts of the Country. That is why I like to keep my makeup minimal during the Summer and using setting sprays to old everything in place.  I'll write an upcoming post discussing that. And my current Skin Care alignment as well! 

 Benefit Cosmetics Blush in Coralista

This has been a favourite. I still remember when Ingrid Nielson used to rave about this blush on her YouTube Channel. One day, after much craving, I finally got my hands on this bad boy alongside his brother Rockateur. Orange isn't a shade that flatters me on my lips, but a shade like this on my cheeks just looks super healthy. The only thing I don't really like about this blush is how difficult it can be to close this box. Sometimes I have to be extra careful so that I won't damage it. Also I don't really reach out for the brush that came with it (I'm not even sure of where I place it to be honest...).
 If you think this might not be a good option, perhaps you could try out GALifornia, which has a more deeper tone (and golden reflexes!) And they also released a new blush called Golden Rush which has more of a bronze undertone. 
Nonetheless, I still love to reach out for this bad boy during the Summer - and sometimes during the Winter as well - and I cannot recommend it enough.

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Melon Pop 

I already revealed my unconditional love for Clinique Cheek Pop blushes in my latest review. But I need to retell my love for Melon Pop. This blush has a a similar shade to Coralista, but happens to be matte. That allows me to use it when I want a more muted blush look and that I can use highlighter without any issues (specially if I feel like wearing a more dramatic highlighter). 
What I really love about this blush is how natural it look and it's staying power. This blush won't move or budge from my face, even after long hours of wearing it. (just like other blushes from this range, which is why they  are some of my favourite blushes). I am still dreaming about Ginger Pop!

And my favourite blush to apply them 

And as a bonus, I need to talk about the brush I usually use to apply both of these blushes (and others) on my face.  The Zoeva Rose Gold 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush came along with the Rose Gold set I purchase from Zoeva  (one of my biggest and best investments). This brush is super soft and fluffy and applies any blush without any problem, with the exception of cream blushes. I have this brush with me for over 3 years and with the right care, it is good as new! (seriously thinking about purchasing another kit from them in the future! Specially the vegan set) 

And you, what's you favourite Summer blush?


  1. I have a couple of these Clinique blushers now - they're so good! Need to check out Melon Pop :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Yees!! I wish they were available here. They have an amazing formula and shade range!
      Take care!


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