Summer Goals for 2018


Summer usually means that I won't be loading myself with tone of school work (or work in general) and I will have tone of free time for myself. Yet that does not mean that I won't be looking forward to score a few goals for this season before the beginning of the new semester. 

Some of these goals are more personal, while other are more generic. Still, I want to share them with you. Perhaps in an effort to stick with them seriously.

Learn how to properly rest my mind

My mind is always racing, specially when I jogging between my University work and other responsibilities that I own. I really want to learn how to turn my mind from the overload of tasks I had and finally get to rest, both body and mind. One of the things I have been cultivating is to sleep, since sleep deprivation was a big problem at the end of the semester. I've also taking a dig on meditation and listening more to calming soundtracks. 

Watch all the animes and TV Series I had on hold

Something I start to leave behind as soon as work starts to pile are animes and TV Series. A TV series I really want to re-watch and continue is Black Mirror (Science Fiction is one of my favourite Genres). I also want to continue to watch The Magicians (I am 2 seasons behind...perfect for binge watching). As for anime, Card Captor Sakura Clear Card has been on my list forever, but kept aside due to lack of time and because I wanted every episode to be released before get into it. I might also try watch One Piece again...but that's might be asking for too much since it's a verrryyyyyy long anime. 

Finally finishing the Mercy Thompson books that I own 

I have been due to finish this series since...last summer? I own the first six books of the series and I really want to finish reading them and finally getting the last books as well. The series captivated my heart due to the really strong personality of Mercy and how she defied most stereotypes that a female character usually had on this type of fiction. Currently working on archiving this goal.

Catching up with Ms.Marvel

I had to stop reading Ms. Marvel at some point (again due to work) but during this semester I had the change of working with the character on a seminar in my Faculty. Because of this, I started to re-read her comic books and now all I want is to keep reading her story. I currently own the first 2 volumes and I am looking forward to purchase the rest of them. (and a new IKEA shelves to hold my books) 
On a side note, I also want to catch up with other comic book stories ( such as Batgirl, Nightwing, Batman, Thor) and get ready for the new instalments. 

Taking more photos

This is something I want to do for the blog and out of my love for photography. I really want to pack on my photography skills and take as many photos as I can. Not only in interiors but also whenever I am able to out with friends. I love to go out in Lisbon and I really wish to share more of those moments here. After all, one of my first posts was about a family trip I did.

And you, what are your goals for this Summer?

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