October Favourites'13


Yes, another Favourites post! 
I managed, between school work and packing for a weekend trip (I'll take photos and share a bit of that later next week!) I was able to get this post written (so yeah, this is a pre-done post, sorry!). 
Anyway, let's get into it!


Argent Makeup 102 - It's a multi-task brush - perfect for contouring, blush and powder. I got it three weeks ago at InBeauty in Lisbon (along with the ORLY nail polishes) and it's a major favourite. I love to apply blush with him.Contouring  is also quite easier with him. And Powder? A true wonder. I seriously need to review all the Argent Makeup Brushes!
Sephora Flashy Liner in Flashy Brown -  My favourite eyeliner pencil. Cheap and amazing, what else can I want? I specially loved to do a Smokey eye with him early this week. If this ever runs out, I'll be sure to get another one from Sephora! This pencils need more attention! (Maybe I should include them on my next "Budget beauty? )
OPI Malaga Wine Nail Polish - Because of him I was able to have the best dual-chrome purple nail polish this month. I had to include him!
ORLY Angel Rain - the OPI nail polish couldn't work alone you know? This on top of any opaque nail polish gives the best dual-chrome effect. I'm happy I got it and I need to keep experimenting with him!
ORLY Top2Bottom - Amazing.The best Top&Base coat I ever got. I want to try their instant dry top coat because of this! My nails didn't chip like crazy. Yes, a true favourite.
Kate by Rimmel London in 03 - The perfect nude. I haven't been crazy with my lipstick lately, specially because of school. It's a really pretty colour, super moisturiser and easy to apply. I think I need more lipsticks like this in my life. 

And these are all my October favourites. 
Please take care everyone!Have a nice day!*

With Love, 

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