My mini MAC collection - How I've been so far


MAC cosmetics is a Canadian-based brand - currently owned by Estée Lauder - that has a soft spot for everyone that loves Make up. From celebrities, Make Up Artists, Youtubers and Beauty Bloggers to just ordinary people. Some products can be a miss, but others are true Holly Grails. 
MAC is a bit expensive here and the fact that they don't do sales or promotions - ten points from them for that - makes me ultra careful with what I buy there. Everything is researched over and over again and because of that, I'm extremely happy with what I currently own. I hope that I can keep it in that way for a very long, long time. On my current wishlist from them I have mineralize blushes and Skin Finishes and a few shades of Pigments, eyeshadows, lipsticks and cream bases. 
So, without further let's talk about what I have. 

The Lipsticks Department.

I own two MAC lipsticks - one bought with my own money and one give by my lovely friend Shayne from Queen of All You See during our swap. Shayne got me the VivaGlam Rihanna lipsticks which has a frost finish. I can't wait for the winter time to rock this baby as much as I can. I leaves my lips with a gorgeous almost velvety look, despite the fact that it has a bit of a shine on the bullet and when ever I swatch it. It's super comfortable and doesn't dry my lips too much - nothing that a powerful lip balm won't fix - an survives a good couple of hours (if I don't drink and eat of course). 
Sunny Seoul has been mentioned here more than once - it's was the first item I got from MAC and it's very dear to me. It has a Cremesheen finish - so it's not the most pigmented lipstick on heath and has a certain shine but it's really comfortable. Doesn't last long, but the natural and bright look that gives pays it. 

The Conceal and Eye Department. 

My Recent purchase is their Studio Finish Cream Concealer in NC20. I wanted something with good coverage that would cover some occasional spots and acne marks. This just doesn't that in a good and simple way. It's really easy to blend, the packaging is user friendly and this contains a tone of product - 7 grams compared to the 3 or 4 that brans usually give. 
Cranberry Eyeshadow was the most impulsive purchase of all - that day I just went to the counter, looked to the eyeshadow selection and sai "it's this one". The Funny thing was that a friend that mentioned this shade over and over again and I only realize it when I arrived at home. They are usually expensive, specially when compared to what I usually pay for palette but there are shades that are just worth it you know?
Lastly but not least. the ultimate favourite : Pro Long-wear Paint Pot in Painterly. It's the perfect base colour to any type of look. It has tone of product, isn't dry at all and super easy to use, apply and blend. It also helps with some of the oiliness in my eye lids. A true wonder. 

So here it is. I'm sorry for the lack of posts but with college coming my priorities are a bit different. Also, keep in mind that with school I might post a bit less, but I'll try to post once every week. School comes first.

Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

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