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I think by now almost everyone knows Zoeva. Although they've gained more hype and publicity over the years because of their Rose Gold brush collection, they've been around Europe - Specially in Germany - for awhile. None the less, it's quite nice to see an European brand being able to take the crown to a brand like Sigma for example.
Not only they've been releasing really amazing brush collections - I'll be reviewing their Rose Gold sets during July do not worry about it - but they've been also releasing makeup palettes, eyeliners and blushes. I have to say that I'm particularly curious about their blushes...which is amazing for someone who does not really need more blushes ( but I kinda use it everyday so...does that make it okay? also, I'm currently craving the new Too Faced blushes, specially because some of the shades are super similar to tarte's...oh the life of a blush lover). 
Recently, they came out with this gorgeous and really pretty palette. The Cocoa Blend palette is inspired by chocolates and bonbons - which is quite normal, considering that Germany has really nice chocolate...I mean who does not like Kinder Bueno for example? - and I have to say that the shade selection is totally my cup of tea.

So, enough with the introduction and all the rambling(or not?). The palette itself is made of cardboard, similar to TheBalm's but a bit better in my opinion. It places Urban Decay's first Naked Palette to shame I have to say...don't get me Wrong I LOVE those shades but...that packaging is just horrible. I'd rather see Urban Decay re-packing and re-vamping it than just releasing that new palette.
The palette contains 10 eyeshadows, 4 mattes ( bitter start , beans are white , substitute for love and freshly toasted) , 5 Satin (sweeter end, warm notes, subtle blend, pure ganache and delicate acidity) and one eyeshadow with glitter particles ( infusion).  I think that this palette is really well made because although it has eyeshadows that are more "wild", it also has eyeshadows that you can wear without too many issues.
The mattes aren't too powdery and really easy to work with in a way that I can only compare them to either Too Faced or Etude House ( their matte shades are really nice too, and affordable).  And the satins are soooo buttery that almost feel like cream. The one with the glitter particles is also nice to work with. Also, they don't crease like crazy, which is always nice.

What can I say about this? The shades are just gorgeous. Bitter Start doesn't show that much due to fact that I am super pale...I can't blame the shadow for that can I? I really like it as base shadow if I want to do something simple or a bold eyeliner or to highlight the brow bone.  Sweeter End it's that typical pink-ish light shade that is amazing to use as a base shade or in the inner corner to highlight the eye.
A special note to Warm Notes, not only this shade is utterly gorgeous and is making me want to try out autumn looks, it's also a perfect dupe to MAC's Cranberry - which I own and the first thing I did was to compare both. I can eventually do a post just dedicated to dupes that I have around my stash.
Subtle Blend looks like Smog but it's actually a bit lighter than Smog, not close enough in my opinion to be called a dupe.
Beans are white, is a shade that has nothing to do with beans or white at all. It's a matte black shade. It doesn't look that pigmented but considering the shade, I think it has enough pigmentation for a smokey eye or to line the eyes. It always be build up.

Pure Ganache is to me the prettiest shade and is an amazing dupe to Half-Baked from the original Naked Palette. It's sooo buttery, I can't even find words to explain it. It's pure gold.
Substitute for Love is similar to Weast from Urban Decay ( present in their Theodora Palette) and it's probably my favourite type of nude shade to wear on the crease. It's so warm and perfect for everyday looks.
But if you want to spice your crease, Freshly Toast is the deal. It's a burn sienna type of shade ( meaning : it's a dark, reddish brown) and it's a really lovely matte shade.It's one of those - like Substitute for Love - that I like to wear as a transition colour. It's not powdery and blends really easily. 
Infusion is more or less like Creep from the Orinal Naked Palette. But better, since the matte base isn't chunky or overly powdery. It's one of those shades that makes a smokey eye more fun. 
Lastly but not least, Delicate Acidity is that shade that I like to wear all over the crease or as a complement to Sweeter End. It has a purple base that makes this particular shade a treat to those with brown eyes like me.

Overall, this is a really amazing and fun palette to own. You'll have your everyday neutrals but also those really nice smokey shades for a night out or a special occasion. I don't regret getting this palette at all.
The best part? It only costs around 22,5€ at Zoeva's website or at Selected retailers like BeautyBay, Cult Beauty or even Sephora.
The only bad thing is that this palette does not carry a mirror. Personally, it does not bother me since I don't really use the mirror that come with the palettes but, I can understand the bummer of people who actually do use the mirrors.

So, what do you think about this palette?

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