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The tittle for this post could also be " The best cleansing oil I've tried so far" but, it was way to big. 
I've been doing what I said I would and I've been preparing posts...and watching way to many shows. Before I start talking about this cleansing oil please allow me to recommend you Sense8 ( it's a Netflix show). If you like series with good character development, fight scenes and touch of philosophical bit here and there it's the show you need to watch. A friend recommended it to me and I couldn't stop watching it. 

Now, back to cleansing oil world. Everyone knows how much I love cleansing oils to remove my makeup and cleanse my face. It's no secret that I said no-no to foam cleansers. But finding a good cleansing oil isn't as easy as it seams. Most cleansing oils either have things like Mineral oil ( which can be for me as bad as SLS) or more active oils that can cause breakouts or inflammations on more sensitive skins. The previous cleansing oil I was using had Lavender oil and somehow my skin wasn't really happy about it.  Also, I tend to like cleansing oils that are a bit more rich, since them seem to cleanse my skin more easily and I tend to not need to use as much product. 
So, I ended up finding myself needing a new cleansing oil and having the hard task of finding something good that wouldn't break me out. Western oils were a no at the time because the ones we usually find at the Korean market are cheaper and better. It turns out that it's kinda the same...until I found this bad boy. I ran every name of cleansing oils at in order to check their ingredient list and if they had bad ingredients. 
It turns out that the Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil is by far the safest cleansing oil I could ever get, since the only bad ingredient is fragrance. 

So, what does this cleansing oil has it that others don't?
First, the packaging is quite efficient because I can pour oil onto my hand without having it flying around the bathroom. I can't possible explain how mad I get whenever I get my mirror stained with oil because of bad packaging. I usually keep the seal because I do have my cat playing around my room sometimes and I don't want it to ruin and break my bottles.
Another personal perk of this cleansing oil it's amazing smell of green apple. I stated before that fragrance can be bummer to some people but personally, I didn't had any reaction with the fragrance existing in this cleanser. The smell is really fresh and makes me want to massage this on face, like if I was at a spa. 
It has a richer texture, not too thick but not light either. It's perfect to massage and break all the makeup, specially eye makeup. This takes care of waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner without any problem. 
As you can see here the ingredients aren't anything complicated or that could make you break out ( unless you are allergic to apples or to fragrance). Overall, I do believe this is by far one of safest cleansing oils I even had the change to try out.  I do want to try the Unna Brennan Superfacialist Vitamin C cleansing oil and the DHC cleansin oil everyone loves ( the last one is quite expensive so I probably won't try it in a near future) but I'll for sure repurchase this cleansing oil.  So far I'm quite impressed. 

I got this cleansing oil at Jolse .
Which kinda reminds me that for the first time in my life I got a package stopped for customs. I'm not sure how much I'll pay but...I really hope it's not that much. I really shouldn't have ordered again so soon...But I needed a backup of my daily moisturiser... I'll be sure to share that tale whenever that packaging finally arrives. 
Thank you all for reading. Take care and have a nice day!

With Love,

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