A Small Disapointment


Guess who is officially free from the faculty and can finally enjoy the summer time?  I can finally work on the blog just Like I wanted to. I'll be preparing posts but I'll be sincere, don't expect too many posts since I actually want to do other things during summer - like sleep, hanging out with friends and being able to finally read the books I want because I want to - but I'll try to post at least twice a week because I really like to provide content to this happy corner. 

Today I'll talk about something that is often neglected here. I tend to focus myself too much around skin care and makeup and I usually neglect something important as haircare - which I really shouldn't since I've been working on fixing my hair since a disastrous choice of shampoo and conditioner almost wrecked my hair beyond repair. I had to purchase a rather expensive mask and quit using those products to finally have my hair smooth and healthy again. 

But something I usually struggle is greasy hair. Pretty much like my face, my hair had the tendency of being quite greasy - particularly around the roots of my hair. I wash my hair every two days and I've quit SLS shampoo's but there are days where there is no time to wash it in the morning and I need something to help me survive the day. 
For that, I like Dry shampoo's. They are usually easy to wear and nice to these situations but not all dry shampoo's are nice. I used one from Syoss which was a huge miss - although cheap. 

I later decided that maybe I should try one of the cult products everyone and their mother loves. I mean, I saw tones of people raving about it, even on MakeupAlley but I have to say, so far I'm not that impressed. Bumble&Bumble Prêt-à-Powder is by far the most expensive dry shampoo I ever considered getting. I liked the idea that it wasn't a hair-can system and that it would be more environmental friendly. 

Bumble&Bumble claims this has equal parts of Volume extender and dry shampoo...personally I don't find this making that major difference. I've tried to use this in different ways - more concentrated in the middle root, around all top roots  and still...I don't find this doing that much except having my roots looking more white than what it should. It also gives a weird texture to my hair. I always end up making a pony tail or a braid...
The product packaging isn't friendly either. I mean...you either don't take at all or you need to force the hole and end up taking way to much. There's nothing in between. 
Overall, the only really good thing this has is it's smell but...it smells like baby-powder which I can get at any supermarket from 10% of what I paid for this bottle.  Also, Dry Shampoos are meant to leave a fresh feel on the hair and this does not do that by any means. 
I don't know...maybe I'm not using it properly? I just can't like it like other people do. I just can't. I'll try to keep using it, specially because there's still tone of it left but so far I've already ordered a set of the cool-aid dry shampoos ( which are way more cheaper than this one). 

If I eventually find a way of loving this I'll be sure to do an update but so far, I don't really recommend this. For it's price ( around 30€ at sephora here) it's just a waste.
Have you tried this particular dry shampoo? Any Recommendations?

Thank you all for reading! Have a nice day and take care!

With Love,

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