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I believe I don't have to explain how much I love Etude House as a brand. It's for sure one of my favourite Korean brands , not only because of their packaging but also because of their quality. Oh and the price range! they are also quite wallet-friendly as well. 
Etude House owns many collections and types of lip products - from tints, liquid lipsticks to lipsticks like the ones I present here. The Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-Talk are so far my favourite lipsticks - only overthrown by the Too Face La Créme Lipstick - not only because of their super cute packaging ( like...LOOK AT THE BOWS!!) but also because their quality is top notch. These lipsticks are hipper pigmented, comfortable and stain your lips for hours, You only need to be careful with the fact that they are extremely creamy - they can melt easily if in contact with heat, which is why I keep them inside my drawer without catching the sun light - and that you might need a lip pencil prior to the application of the darker shades,
They all dry eventually to a matte finish but you won't find it dry or to emphasise any patches or dryness of your lips. They easily come out with micelar water or any cleansing oil. And believe me, if you apply them in the morning, you'll sill have stain and colour on your lips by the night time.
I own 6 shades of this range - still crying and thinking about getting the two nude shades from the collection - and they have pinks, nudes, corals, oranges and reds. They only shades I can't really wear are the oranges since they don't suit my complexion. The first I own were gifted by the lovely Shayne from Queen of All You See. I seriously can't thank her enough!!!

( from left to right : OR202 ; PK001 ;PK002)
Starting with the lightest shades, OR202 is more peach-looking than what it is shown here. It's the only orange-based shade I can wear peach it looks more coral than orange. It's a gorgeous shade to wear during the Spring and Summer. PK001 is the lightest pink of the range and it's another shade I love to wear during the warmer days - it's super bright and neon-ish. On the other hand, PK002 has a more tint of red in it, making it perfect for any time of the year. It is a statement pink that I enjoy to wear along side with more a neutral eye look or just a simple winged eyeliner.
All of these shades eventually dry matte and can also be worn on the centre of the lips and be blended out to make a gradient lip. I've done it before, specially with OR202 and it is a really amazing effect since this will stain like a lip tint but it will be more bright and less dry since you might not need to add a lip gloss on top of it. 

( from left to right : PK003 ; RD301 ; RD302)
Next, here are the more bright and dark shades of the range. PK03 is for sure my favourite shade from the group - it isn't either a pink or a red, it's something bright and fun that stays in between and I just love that. It's a shade that makes me feel confident about myself and everything I have to face during the day - not all shades can do that to a person I think. RD301 is what we can call a bright and open red. Kind-of a cherry shade that reminds me of Red Ridding Hood and Snow White. I like to wear this shade whenever I have an important event or a family meet where I need to look polished. And lastly but not least at all the RD302 was my companion during the winter whenever I wanted a statement lip or something more deep on my lips. I looks really purple on the tube but it is more red-ish in reality.  I was quite surprised for Etude House realising this shade, since it's not usual for them to release something so dark.

Overall, I really love these lipsticks and I want to get my hands on BE101 and BE102 which are the nudes of the collection. I've been growing my collection of nudes and brownish shades for a while and these look just perfect for that. I also want to get more shades of their liquid lipsticks - which have one of the best applicator I have encountered.
You can find the Etude House Dear my Wish Lips-Talk lipsticks at shops like ,, and the official website.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have recommendations of more Korean lipsticks, please share them!

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