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Spring is finally here. With that in mind I though " why not share a few items that to me scream spring?" - because pink and spring to me are kind of the same. Or at least I tend to use more pink during the Spring - alongside with corals as well, although I leave them for when the time is warmer. It just makes me more positive and helps me see life in a brighter perspective - except when we get to part where all my allergies decide to apear and I get super sick. Or when the Weather has a bipolar disorder and changes 15 times during a single day - making me sick again because of it. ( But let's pretend that does not happen, shall we?)
I decided to select five items in pink - I might do a similar post but with other shades...what do you think? would you be interested? I went for pink this time but I could have chosen red or blue... - from different brands, price ranges and utilities. 

This was something I can say it was an unexpected purchase. I got the O Boticário Floratta perfume on Valentines day for myself - because that's what single people do on Valentines day, they buy perfumes for themselves... The original idea was to repurchase my body scrub or get a new one since the one I had was finished. I ended up getting a new body scrub and the bad boy came along. I always had a good relationship with more floral scents, specially when those are inspired by cherry blossoms - I always had a love for those, specially because of a certain anime called Card Captor Sakura - this perfume is heave for all of that. I believe this can be a little difficult to get your hands on the brand ( I believe they ship to Europe from the European website and they do own counters in Brazil, Portugal and Spain. Not sure if they have more counters in other countries...) but if you can please check it out. Specially this perfume. 
By this time I believe I don't need to introduce you to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. It's probably the most pinkish palette I know and own and it's perfect for the Spring - which is when I tend to take it out of my drawer and use it. I've been using it during this days and I'll keep do it during the rest of the season. It is probably my favourite Naked palette from the whole collection.

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan won a soft spot in my heart. I'll be doing a more detailed review of this shade and the other 3 I own later  but I had to share my love for this shade. It's one of those bright open pinks that aren't neon-ish and look amazing at any occasion. 
One of the advantages of having a mother that lives overseas is that I get to ask for products that don't exist here on my birthday and Christmas. That's when I asked for the Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Berry Pop , which is more pink than berry. I need to dedicate a sole post to this bad boy since it rivals with my Nars Blushes and Benefit Blushes in terms of high quality. Still, this shade just screams Spring too since it leaves a lovely pink blush on my cheeks. 
Lastly but not least at all, I need to mention the Soap&Glory Love at First Blush since it's one of those product that can be worn in multiple ways. I tend to use it as highlighter but on certain days I wear it as blush and the glow it give is just gorgeous and healthy-looking. If you are looking for a good and wallet-friendly version of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, check this one and their brothers - there is also a bronze version and a peach version ( which I also own) 

What are your Top 5 pink products? Do you just wear pink during the Spring and Summer or do you do it during the rest of the year? 

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