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Zoeva is one of those brands that I actually saw going from unknown to a hit around Europe and the rest of world. I still remember when I first got myself a little vegan eye-set ( which was later discontinued and replaced with another one with better quality) and pretty much no one new about the brand. Today - mostly because of this set - everyone knows what Zoeva is, their products and is waiting for their releases. I've spoken about my love for their foundation brush ( included in this set) and about their eyeshadow palettes in Rose Golden and Cocoa Blend here on the blog before. But today I decided it was time for me to finally talk about one of their major hits and one of the best purchases I ever made.
Ever since I started to care about make up, I understood that a good set of brushes would be one of the most important purchases to make. I'm still from the time where Sigma was the hit around all corners of the bloggling word. The problem started when their prices got higher and higher and shipping from the US got insane - not even counting the nightmare that it would be with customs and everything. I was able to get some Real Techniques - which have a really nice quality and I really recommend to those that are starting to play with make up - but I still wanted something nice and elegant to play with.
It didn't took long until I finally made my decision and decided to get myself the Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set , with rose gold details and a nice make up bad. It was indeed a good choice. This set contains 8 brushes - 4 for the face make up and another 4 for the eye make up, making it perfect for travel for example - has a combination of both synthetic and real hair bristles.

102 Silk Finish - I've spoken about my love for this brush before. It has the perfect shape and the right amount of density to work any foundation without making it look awful or with stripes. I have yet to remove that awful spot of foundation from the bristles ( I'm about to get myself one of the beauty blender solid cleanser, which will probably help) but I need to mention that getting a brush egg will help you keep this bad boy clean and ready for action faster. 
106 Powder - Usually we would expect a powder brush with natural bristles but for some reason, Zoeva decided to do theirs with Synthetic instead. Nothing against it since I tend to like those over natural hair. I believe this brush does it's job quite effectively - it's big enough to swipe powder all over the face without too much fuzz. My only note goes to the actual shade of the brush. I would rather have a brush with a bigger handle and shorter bristles than we get here. Or at least have something similar to the Real Techniques Blush Brush ( witch I use for Powder) or their Multi-tasking brush ( which is on my wishlist forever)  . Nonetheless, it is indeed a really amazing brush. 
127 Luxe Sheer Cheek - A lovely surprise I have to say. The bristles of this brush are super soft , something I wasn't really expecting to be honest - my idea of natural bristles was that they weren't as soft as synthetic due to previous experiences. I believe it's a lovely brush to apply any blush that you wish - except cream blush. Some people would be tempted to use this as a Contour/bronzer brush but personally I wouldn't since it's too fluffy for a precise contour. As for application of bronzer, during the summer time I would consider it. But Overall I think this is a lovely blush brush that made me think about getting more brushes with this type of bristles. 
110 Face Shape - Probably the most interesting and multi-taking brush from the collection. I tend to use this brush for concealer, foundation and contour ( not at the same time obviously). It has the right shape for a precise contour - with the plus that due to it's synthetic bristles it can be used with cream contours. It's also nice to apply concealer under my eyes and buff it in any other areas. And on lazy days it can also be used as a foundation brush - although it might take a tiny longer since it's a small brush. 

142 Concealer Buffer - As the name states, this brush is meant to buff the concealer on your under eye area and any other where you apply it. It can almost mimic my fingers without any issue and I tend to notice that whenever I use this my concealer looks more polished and creases less. It can so be used to apply cream eyeshadows on your eye lid without any fuss - specially if they are placed in super tiny containers where even my pinky finger barely fits...
227 Luxe Soft Definer  - This is probably "the brush". Ever since I started to watch youtube beauty videos everyone and their mother would mention the MAC 217 brush and how life changing it was. Spending 30€ on a brush wasn't on plans at the time so I got curious about this little guy since it's pretty much the same. If it is better or worse than MAC's I cannot tell you, but it works beautifully. It doesn't scratch my eyes and works beautifully to apply a wash of colour around my lids or to blend a crease colour. I have another of these because I got myself the eye set but I wish Zoeva would release this bad boy in Rose Gold as a individual so that I could purchase another one or two because they are indeed eye changing.
231 Luxe Petit Crease - I don't even know how to express myself about this brush. Previews to this, the only crease brush I had owned was from Essence and wasn't a nice option. This one is super soft and allows me to pack colour precisely to where I want it. It has allowed me to perform a different number of looks over the time without any fuzz. 
317 Wing Liner - What can I say about this? Previous to this one, most of my eyeliner brushes would be too thick long to apply proper eyeliner. The shape this one has allows me to do winged eyeliners without any fuzz or issues and it can probably also be used on the brows to apply brow powder as well. 

Here's in detail how the some of the brushes look. Overall I believe they are worth every penny and I don't regret at any second this purchase. Again, I wish they would make more brushes with this finish. 
In therms of taking care of them, I usually wash at every-use ( specially the foundation brush) and I tend to be careful with not wetting the joint between the metal and the handler because of the glue. I also use brush guards to maintain it's shade and as you can see, they good as new. The Blush brush even looks fluffier and they haven't shed a single hair. 

After this, I really wish ( again, and again) that they would release some of their other brushes with this finish - like their new powder brushes. I'll probably end up getting them with the pink handlers ( in case you haven't noticed, I like to have match all my brushes with the same finish...kinda OCD-ish I know...), which is also another option for those who want to try Zoeva Brushes. 
I got mine for 65€ from Maquillalia with free shipping ( since I live in Portugal) but you also get it from Zoeva's Website and other retailers. 
Have you tried Zoeva before? What are your thoughts? 

Thank you for reading and take care! 

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