10 Things that make me Happy


In more recent days, I've realised that we should pay attention to the simple things in life. I mean...I don't need a new lipstick or a new blush to make me happy. Simpler things can turn a gloomy day into something exciting and good. As Dumbledore days : 
“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” 
So here are 10 things that make me happy and why.
1. Hanging out with my Friends.
This one sounds like a cliché I know but it is true. There are two people in my life that make my days brighter everyday. It doesn't matter if there's a whole storm on the other side, they will just take out the clouds and make me see the Sun and the Blue sky that lies on the other side.
2. Sunny Days.
It may seem as something stupid, but I tend to have a better mood if it's sunny instead than clouds or rain. Rain tends to make want to stay at home, which isn't bad but something isn't really the ideal situation. When it's sunny I like to walk around in the nature and be active. Still sounds silly, but is indeed one of the things that makes me happy.

3. Walking Around.
It doesn't matter if it is through Lisbon, through my hometown or through parks and nature, walking tends to help me. Whenever I have free time I just enjoy walking. Even the other day, instead of just looking to nothing I decided to took a walk around the Gulbenkian Garden and it was the best thing I could do. Walking is pretty much the closest thing I have to meditation - I also organize my thoughts and ideas while walking around. I really intend to keep doing it, more and more!
4. Watching Disney Movies
This one is really silly, but it is quite true. Whenever I am more unhappy, there's nothing like watching a Disney movie - have you watched Zootopia? It's really cute and amazing! I totally recommend it!!. Something we need to go back in order to move further in a better way. But hey, the past stays in the past, otherwise Rafiki might show up a little angry at some point. ( I guess I'm worse than Grey Worm from Game of Thrones at making jokes, ain't I? )
5.Reading on Underground/Subway
Reading while walking around inside the lines of the Underground/Subway. I don't really know why but it's just something I like to do. I also like to read while travelling with my family - some people say that I shouldn't do this because I'll get dizzy...But I never did...
The only downside of this is when I am laughing my lungs out of some really funny part - like Dumbledore saying that his scar looks like the Underground Map? - and having people looking at me and thinking "that girl must have a problem". But it's worth it!
6. Music
Music has been something that helps me with having a more positive look to life and days. For example, whenever I am stressed with something or I really need to focus on work, I tend to listen to the Ori and the Blind Forest Soundtrack. It's one of the most relaxing things I can do and I truly recommend it to any one.
But there are other genres that can also lift my mood. Kpop has been a staple for years in my playing - lately I've been listening to BTS and Red Velvet a lot. Also, I had a really funny moment while Skyping with friends - I was listening to the English Version of ONE OK ROCK's and let's say...I really enjoyed Mighty Long Fall a little too much. (I'm not ashamed, it's my favourite song and I was happy, that's all that matters)


7. The Sound and Smell of the Sea.
If you follow my instagram you know I love to visit the seaside. It's somehow relaxing and helps reflect and have a positive perspective on things. Nowadays I try to go there at least once a month and I don't regret it. It's the best thing I have done. Seriously, if you can, go to the beach/seaside. Sit near ( but safely) the Ocean and breath that amazing air. It's pure Heaven.

So, what makes you happy? I hope you guys enjoyed this post. It feels nice to write something different here, once in a while. Life isn't just made of skin care and lipsticks. Take care, have a nice day!

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